Abby, Administrative Assistant

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Sweet or Salty?

Beach or mountains?

Introvert or Extrovert? 

Huntington, IN

Home, family, pets?
My high school sweetheart,  Aaron and I are parents to Peyton, Owen, Kora. Almost every one of our immediate family members lives 2.5+ hours away. We have no pets, yet.

Why I work at West Bridge? 
I chose to work at West Bridge because I knew my family would come first, I would be surrounded by the love of our Lord and Savior, and I would be working with and around amazing people! How many people can say,  “I love my job!”?


What the West Bridge team says about Abby:

Tyson says:  she is on top of it! Details are her friend.

Jon says: she’s 100% responsible for elevating the “fun factor” at West Bridge!

Wes says: her creativity makes me want to think outside the box and her constant energy makes we want to take a nap!

Valerie says: Abby has a “can do” attitude at all times, and a lot of energy to go with it!  Her smile is contagious.  She is an entertaining and talented volleyball player that you would prefer to have on your team rather than have to play against her.  She is genuine in her desire to serve the Lord.  It is good that she works for Tyson as she is probably the only one in the office that can keep up with him!

Seth says: Abby. 1 conversation = 3 shots of espresso!

Marci says: Abby lights up the office 🙂 I don’t think she meets a person she doesn’t like and can make anyone feel comfortable.




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