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Credo Baptist Church, planted by Billingtons and ABWE colleagues more than 13 years ago, goes from strength to strength. At the recent annual business meeting, the congregation of 89, under a local pastor, celebrated five baptisms in the last year, reported five Small Groups meeting regularly and supported the formation of a church planting team which now numbers 21. The church plant team for “Baby Credo” has started two Bible studies in its targeted community. At the meeting the members were asked to submit anonymous faith promises for their giving in the coming year. So far, 33 families have pledged more than $60,000. As the church plant plans mature Credo will have to face the loss of some of their members, including Billingtons, as they move into a new ministry. It will involve sacrifice, “which can be uncomfortable,” Billingtons say. “But, we believe God does not want us to wait until we are comfortable before moving forward.” Thank God for His graciousness and blessing on Credo. Pray for wisdom as Credo makes decisions about the new ministry.
After a conversation with Mt. Stewart Baptist pastor, Dwayne Llewellyn, Doug Whicker, Director of C2C, passed on some prayer requests. For some years, demonic activity in the Mt Stewart community has caused Pastor Dwayne grave concern. This seems to be increasing, Dwayne says, and asks us to pray that God would crush the work of the evil one. He wants to trust God to keep him from being intimidated, help him to speak the Word boldly and be wise in his approach to the problem. The Baptist church at Macfield is holding a week of Easter meetings at which Pastor Dwayne is speaking. Pray with him that God would give his messages impact and prepare hearts to hear. Pray that people will respond to the Word and serve consistently. Pray also for an island-wide youth conference on April 2 and a sports day on May 5. Pray about the applications the church has submitted for Pastor’s home and the church kitchen. The process of approval is discouragingly slow.
Doug says, “A big prayer request for our coworkers in East China. Training has stopped after graduating four groups of pastor/leaders…Communication has been greatly curtailed as well.” Doug does not know when he will hear from these coworkers about scheduling new groups as the government has been less welcoming and less tolerant than before. Doug asks us to pray for “…clear leading of the Holy Spirit to continue…” in this largest country on earth. Doug may have the chance to make a survey trip this year through a large province of this country. This trip will require a sensitive approach even with the help of the Mongolian pastors who would introduce Doug to the leaders who would facilitate any teaching ministry. Pray with him for open doors.

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