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Gary, with ABWE teammates, recently made a survey trip into the South American country of Guyana. An English-speaking country, Guyana is considered, culturally, to be part of the Caribbean. It shares many things in common with Caribbean island countries including the immigration of many Hindu and Muslim people, making the Caribbean one of the areas of the world least reached by the gospel. Gary asked one Christian pastor how he was so successful in leading both Hindus and Muslims to Christ. Pastor J. replied, “I love them and I share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them.” Gary asks us to pray for Pastor J. and for the possibility of opening an ABWE work in that needy country. Trinidad is another such country with ABWE teammates already at work there. Pray also for Nicaragua where 24 ABWE workers are in a tenuous position as political protests and violence rock the country. Their lives and ministries are being affected, but they want to stand by their local ministry partners as long as possible.
Bethesda Outreach Ministries was established in 2000 to provide Christian homes and families for some of the millions of South African children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS crisis. The BOMI campus now houses 43 children, parented by eight trained Christian houseparents and educated through 7th grade at Jabulani Christian Academy. Since the retirement of founders John and Lois Mixon, the BOMI board has been praying God would direct them to a new permanent Director, preferably South African. It appears that Rudi van Jaarsveld and his wife, Michelle, may be the couple God has appointed. BOMI is also moving to a new model of sheltering and parenting orphans. Rather than keeping all the families on the Bethesda campus, the plan is to move the families to homes in the community nearby, using the campus facilities for training houseparents and staff. Pray for the transitions Bethesda is experiencing: a new Director, moving families into the community, expansion of Jabulani Christian Academy, and a transitions program for young people graduating from high school. Pray particularly for the salvation of the children who grow up at Bethesda and faithfulness in following the Lord.
Mark and Jill are praying for a new place to live. The reason is, they are part of Credo Baptist Church’s new church plant team and, although they don’t live far from the plant’s targeted neighborhood, their home will be the meeting place where the developing group gathers for worship and Bible study. Therefore, it needs to be larger than their present home. The obstacle is, inevitably, cost. Housing has tripled in price in the 17 years Billingtons have lived in Ste-Foy. They are asking us to pray with them for God’s guidance and His provision as they seek to begin a new ministry.


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