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Cupps are planning a “bold new direction” for 2019 that they say will impact church planting in Peru and beyond. They plan to ease out of the student ministry at Omega Baptist and will be turning over complete leadership responsibilities to its Pastor Javier. They will start the journey of fulfilling a long-time vision of seeing Peruvians plant churches in Peru and on mission fields around the world. The program they have in mind will develop new leaders and multiply churches as they provide training, support and resources for local church planters and missionaries. They have been working on youth ministry resources for Dropbox to be shared with youth ministries throughout Central and South America to help churches develop dynamic ministries for teens and college students. They already have an enormous resource file to share and plan to have it completed for Dropbox by early 2019. Pray with Rob and Ale for this bold step they are taking. Ask God to give them wisdom and godly creativity as they launch.
Faths were able to spend time with their Mediterranean team before they came home on furlough in May. In the past, teammates have had to be in this biblical country on student visas, incurring the costs and time commitment of enrollment in an academic program. Now, thank God, the team leader, Dave, and his wife, Anne, were granted a different type of visa which allows them to extend ministry to other locations in the country. They have planted a church, but are facing challenges for which they request prayer. Pray also that other teammates will be granted other types of visas (than student). Pray for the graduates of the University of Divine Grace, a seminary in Eastern Europe. Many of them will go home to restrictive Muslim majority countries to plant churches. Praise God for a major financial gift to the K0s0v0 Leadership Academy which will allow Phase 2 of its expansion to proceed this summer.
Kent Craig asks us to pray for the Christians, churches and ABWE ministry teams in East Asia where “progress toward religious freedom has been set back by 25 years” by tightening government restrictions. Restrictions have been particularly intense this year where persecution of ethnic minorities has made outreach by ministry teams difficult, even to risking reprisals by local authorities. Kent says, “In addition to fining church leaders, landlords who rent facilities to assemblies and those who travel overseas for religious meetings and training, all online sales of the Bible have been banned. Assemblies are being required to install 24-hour video surveillance. And there are reports of religious leaders disappearing.” Vigilance and boldness are the watchwords of believers. Pray for the Christians and ministry teams of East Asia. Ask God to help stand firm in the face of increasing persecution. Pray for Abraham, a Muslim Background Believer who says he does not need to fear anymore because he knows the One who will protect him.


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