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Doug says his last teaching trip to Mongolia “yielded encouraging signs of growth and the formation of a new group of students”. Because they’ve had an increasing number of requests from pastors to join the training, the Mongolian leadership and Doug started a new group to run concurrently with the already-established group studying more advanced material. Thus, two Mongolian leaders each taught a course while Doug and an American adjunct did the same. Doug was teaching courses in both the new and the advanced groups that week. Doug says, “It was wonderful to observe the growing fellowship and establishment of relationships during the…evening activities.” Mongolian pastors are often isolated in their communities without the encouragement of fellow pastors. Requests are already coming in for a training group that won’t be held till mid-2019. Pray for wisdom the Mongolian leaders as they plan for future training sessions and for the pastors who are so eager to train to preach the Word with accuracy and conviction.
Phil writes, “We continue to challenge Brazilians to consider world missions.” They ask us to pray with them for more opportunities in churches and with individuals as they represent Maranatha Multicultural Missions, recruiting and equipping Brazilians for missionary service. Ministry at Refuge Baptist Church under a new leadership team is being restructured. “The teaching and preaching…has been great,” Phil says, “but growth is at a standstill. We are planning more outreach events and trying to be creative to reach the neighborhood.” The leadership team is considering a change of Sunday service time from morning to evening in hopes of greater attendance. Pray with Bloomers about this challenge at Refuge. Pray also about the truckers’ strike which is in its seventh day and is paralyzing the country. Food and fuel are in increasingly short supply.
Doug and Abby Whicker and Joe Johansson met with Pastor Dwaine Llewellyn and Mt. Stewart Baptist leaders in a conference call, Thursday, May 23, to review progress in the C2C partnership and share goals for the future. Pastor Dwaine told the group he has been praying for 15 men he can lead to the Lord and disciple to be “consistently active” in the church. The group spent time discussing how Mt. Stewart members could achieve this goal as well as developing a structure to disciple the men. Pray with them that God will lead them to prepared hearts. Pray also for the West Bridge youth who’ll be visiting Mt. Stewart on their June missions trip and for the October 3-20 work trip Doug Whicker is organizing.


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