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Written by Jon McDugle on . Posted in WBC Blog

Early this year as I was thinking about goals for 2013 out of the blue a guy named Enoch popped into my mind.  I love that little line that defines his life, tucked away in Genesis 5.24, “Enoch walked faithfully with God”!

Is there anything bigger or better that we could possibly do in 2013 than that?  That’s success in a nutshell!  And what a GIFT – to be able to walk with the living God knowing and enjoying Him!

And so we kicked off 2013 with an accelerate challenge to help us grow in our relationship with God!

Here’s the challenge in a nutshell: 

Part 1:  Daily prayer – praying through the 5 habits and heart attitudes of a Jesus follower

Part 2:  Weekly bible reading

Part 3:  Monthly memory verse

If you accepted the challenge I want to encourage you to KEEP ON!  We’re entering the time of the year when our new years resolutions are start to melt like snow on a summer day!  

If you would like more information about the accelerate challenge shoot me and email and I’ll send you the details (

Carry on!





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