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Our WBC short-term mission trip team will be leaving for Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 12. The team includes Doug and Aubrey Whicker, Pastor Ron McDugle, Rick Baker and Jeff and Sandy Bumgardner, Xander and Rylee.. They’ll stay with Phil and Martha Bloomer and work with them and Pastor Dalvino at Refuge Baptist Church. Pastor Ron will be preaching in Sunday services. Rick will be teaching leadership classes and the young people will be used in the children’s ministry. There will also be some construction projects for the team to help complete at the church. This trip has been a year in the planning and much prayer has gone into the preparation. Doug Whicker, leader of the team, asks us to pray with the team for an effective sharing of the gospel unhindered by the language barrier. Ask God to help the team trust God with their anxieties.
Rich writes that the new school year got off to a great, though dusty, start. The building team, adding a new roof, fire escape and guest lecturers’ bedrooms, have been delayed, but are making progress. Eight new students were accepted for study, six of them from French-speaking countries in Africa. They are still waiting on visas to enter the country. Pray for them. The Institute staff are praising God for a very qualified new lecturer, a former missionary kid who grew up in France, who’ll be teaching Biblical Greek and courses in Women’s Ministries. She’s a real answer to prayer. Rich says the New Testament in Luxembourgish
(the language of Luxembourg) will be presented to the public on October 29. Rich and the translation committee are praying that people reading the Word for the first time in their home language will be stirred by the Holy Spirit to hear the voice of God. Pray with them.
Mayhaks visited WBC on October 1 and shared some updates from their ministry in the northwest suburbs of Sydney. They are both still teaching several Religious Instruction classes a week in the public schools where they have freedom to discuss God’s plan of salvation. On weekends, they work at two different church plants serving rapidly growing suburbs in their area. They serve in a mentoring capacity at Marsden Park on Sunday mornings and minister in One Redeemer church on Sunday afternoons where Tara also does the children’s ministry. Riverston, their home suburb, has grown from a population of 6,000 to 15,000 with immigrants from Asia, many of them Muslim. Al and Tara are planning a door-to-door campaign to invite new residents to Bible study in their home. Pray with them for prepared hearts in their RI classes and in new residents who’ll come to hear the Word in Bible study.


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Phil and Jack are making a short visit to Danville on family matters and will be leaving for Sao Paulo on Wednesday, July 5. Phil asked us to pray with him and Martha about some ministry challenges. Pastor Dalvino of Refuge Baptist Church is transitioning into semi-retirement and the church will need a new pastor by the end of this year. Phil is trusting that the transition process moves smoothly as he wants to give more of his time to representing the Maranatha Missions Ministry in Sao Paulo, recruiting Brazilian Christians for missionary service. He is giving leadership classes for half-a-dozen men in the church using Moses and David as leadership models. He says economic conditions in Brazil are at a low ebb leading a number of students to drop out of seminary because they don’t have the funds to finish their courses. Also, he says pastors are finding interest in spiritual things waning. People don’t want to listen to gospel witness in their homes or on the street. Pray about a number of changes in ABWE missionary staffing in Sao Paulo which may take teammates off the field for some time.

Al and Tara are praising God for the new families attending the One Redeemer Church since its move to a community center; for the public launch of Life Church in Marsden Park and its growth in attendance in its first couple of months; for a new church, nameless as yet, launching July 2, in Auburn, a densely populated Muslim community. Mayhaks are involved in helping in the ministries of all three of these churches. They are also happy to see the revival of a fourth church, Belmont Bible Fellowship, where they hope to help in outreach ministries as well as pulpit supply. During the week, they continue teaching Scripture in public schools and have been encouraged by the interest of some students. Al is in prayer for Clive, his teaching assistant, who is growing in his ability to teach and lead a Scripture class. He may be able to take over Al’s position as teacher when Al is on furlough. Thank God with Mayhaks for his faithfulness in planting these new congregations and pray that the gospel will impact each of their communities.
Doug trained pastors in South Sudan long before it split from Sudan into a separate country in 2011, using the 2 Timothy 2:2 model, “…training faithful men who could in turn train others.” The mobile, modular system of teaching in one and two week periods using translated materials that pastors could take home and put to use immediately in congregations and share with other pastors worked well. Now, these pastors, who, with their congregations, have been forced into refugee camps by the horrifying civil war in their country, are planting churches in their camps, winning people to Christ, discipling them and preparing them for the day when they can take their faith and training home to plant churches once again in South Sudan. Doug says, “I wish I could share all the stories of how student/pastors are ministering in that (refugee camp) environment, forming fellowship groups to deal with issues from a biblical perspective to staring new churches based on Biblical standards.” Thank God that His Word overcomes all obstacles.




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