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Geurinks write, “…for the next few years we will no longer be working directly and full time with Amazon tribes in theological education and Bible translation…At the end of August, 2017, our employment classification with Pioneers will be changing from Active to Associate status…While our hearts are still very much with the people in Brazil we have loved and worked with since February, 2000, it’s clear that for the next few critical years of our (4) kids lives…staying in the U.S. would best allow us to carry out what we’ve prayerfully determined is right for each of them…Another factor is Katrina’s health. Her struggle with fibromyalgia has intensified significantly…in the Amazon heat and humidity and has become truly debilitating…We are not resigning from Pioneers. Associate status leaves our ties with Pioneers intact and keeps our account open so we can still channel funds for ministry purposes…Thank you all again for your love and support and participation in the expansion of God’s kingdom among unreached people groups.”
Browns are learning to survive through Arizona’s monsoon season. Going from extreme dry heat, they now battle extreme heat with heavy rain, sometimes preceded by dust storms, and the high humidity that comes with it. This means constant juggling of schedules and meetings and activities with natives, because the rain washes out the roads. After each storm, Steve says, they have to drag their yard and the road past their home, or they become rutted and impassable. Taking weather into consideration, they’ve been trying to keep up weekly Bible studies with Anthony and Myla and keep up visits of encouragement with Greg and Vanessa Narcho. Greg faces arraignment and sentencing on August 8 and is very despondent (he accepted Christ while in the reservation’s jail for the same crime he’ll be sentenced for in an Arizona court). Browns planned a BBQ for 25 natives they worship with weekly at their home, weather permitting, and have been asked to teach two or three women to set up food stalls at swap meets and community flea markets, selling fair food and advertising Sunday school and services. Pray for the Narchos as Greg’s court date approaches. Ask God to widen opportunities for Browns to share the good news of the gospel.
BCH staff and administrators are praying for houseparent couples. “Our ministry depends on their care of the children so much,” President Bill Brittain writes, “More houseparents will enable us to care for more children as well as provide relief to our current houseparents.” Brittain also asks us to pray with BCH for the finances to repair extensive flood damage to the Mt. Pleasant, MI, home. Thank God for many supporters who donated bikes and helmets to kids to use this summer. Many of these bikes will be ridden in the annual BCH bike-a-thon this August. The bike-a-thon raises funds for BCH expenses. Also, pray for the children as they start back to school this month. Remember the BCH families and houseparents in Myanmar, India and Liberia where local pastors and churches run the homes.


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Bill Brittain, President of BCH, wants to introduce us to Mung Aung, 31. Mung (pro. Moong) is the Campus Pastor at Agape Children’s Home in Myitkyina, Myanmar. He is responsible for rearing and living alongside the orphan boys in that home, a remarkable man with a passion and compassion for children. Mung himself grew up in the home after losing both parents and grandparents. He is a graduate of both high school and Bible college, has earned a degree in Psychology and has the respect of local ministry leaders. Mung has asked BCH staff and supporters to pray with him about finding a godly wife. He knows he can be a more effective “parent” at the home with the right wife. Brittain says, “Mung Aung is just another example of the power of our ministry outreach to impact lives and of the contagious work of loving and caring for children.”
Vissers sent out five graduates to begin service in French churches this spring. One is in a 6-month pastoral internship; two are getting married and with their spouses will be serving in local churches; a young retired couple are looking for a local church and pastor who could use their services. At the same time, applications from prospective new students are beginning to come in for the fall semester. Pray with Vissers for the graduating servants and the new students God wants to train for ministry. “It’s a joy to work with the church in Luxembourg,” Rich writes. “Everyone knows it’s a place where they can honestly express their needs and get prayerful help from brothers and sisters in Christ.” Ask God to bless these people with signs of growth. The French national mission agency, A.M.E.B.I., is working with two new missionaries who are helping out with ministries in France before being evaluated and recommended for full missionary status. And, praise God, the New Testament in Luxembourgish is in the last stages of printing. It will be available in November on paper and in digital format.
Kelly reports on a number of his Central and Eastern Europe and Mediterranean fields: He participated in the four-hour graduation service of the University of Divine Grace in Moldovo, sending graduates to work in mostly Muslim countries of Eastern Europe; received an update from Ukraine team leader, Mike Gustafson (former WBC intern) where missionaries are working with pastors and local Christians to bring physical and spiritual relief to people affected by war; rejoiced with missionaries in the Mediterranean country, which can’t be named, about their new and specific visas which help them move around the country more easily; and, prayed with the Kosovo Leadership Academy entering its Phase 2 fund-raising campaign to enlarge its facility. The growing Kosovo team also needs a leader..




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