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Two of our missionaries, Doug Boisvert of Tri-M and Kent Craig of ABWE, are working on getting theological training and materials to pastors in what we call East Asia. Doug has taken on the challenge of this vast region for Tri-M in conjunction with his work in Mongolia, but new regulations in the country mean creative thinking on the part of him and his local co-workers to hold training modules. Kent Craig says the East Asian church is experiencing “explosive growth with more than one million new believers annually”. A free Bible Study Toolbox has been put together to provide pastors and ministry leaders with crucial resources like Bible translations, Hebrew and Greek concordances, sample sermon outlines for every Bible passage and commentaries, all translated into local languages and available online. Kent is helping raise money to design and develop a mobile Bible commentary app for East Asians with access to the internet. Pray that these efforts to teach Christians and train pastors in a country hostile to Christians will be effective and open God’s Word to believers who want to study and grow.

God continues to show His goodness and faithfulness by bringing more and more folks from the neighborhood to Nueva Vida Church, Hornbrooks write. Because of that, the church needs a bigger auditorium and is hoping that construction can begin in the next couple of weeks. The expanded auditorium will have a total of 250 seats. “We are very ready to have a nice roof and four walls,” they say. The church’s Christmas outreach brought in 180 people to enjoy the musical drama called “The Mystery of Christmas”. In April, Nueva Vida will help host the Regional Counseling Conference, a Biblical counseling organization Sam is involved with, teaching at its seminars throughout Latin America. Pray with Hornbrooks for continued growth as the church’s programs reach into the community. Pray also for a trouble-free construction project.
The staff of Bethesda are praising God for enabling their program with new equipment and facilities in 2017. Two new boreholes (wells) were add to ease the tight water situation on the campus. A new computer lab, re-outfitted music room and expanded pre-school playground were added to the Jabulani Christian Academy facility. They are presently raising money to enlarge the school auditorium to fit in the whole student body of 200 plus. New staff included a Child Care Administrator, trained houseparents, and a board member. BOMI held its first Orphan Care Seminar, reaching and impacting many people and churches interested in orphan care. The staff hosted many short-term teams from universities and churches and interns who worked with them for several months. And, most important, new children were added to the seven families on and off campus. Thank God for blessing all aspects of the work of the orphan village and for the spiritual growth seen in children’s lives.



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Thank you, says BOMI, for the gifts and prayers which made the 2016 Christmas project a huge success. Two new wells now provide excellent sources of water which will supply abundance even in drought so that houseparents can once again plant vegetable gardens for their ‘families’. Now BOMI is praying for the resources to build an enlarged team center where the entire student population of Jabulani Christian Academy, 200+, can meet for weekly assemblies. JCA is a strategic part of Bethesda’s outreach to vulnerable children and families in the community. Pray that God will connect Bethesda with new, qualified, house parent couples as BOMI’s board is making transitions in some homes, trying to reduce the number of children in each ‘family’. Ask God to give the board wisdom as it continues development of South African church ownership and leadership of the orphan ministry.
Kent and Kelly paid tribute to Doane Baptist Church in Iloilo City, Philippines, as the congregation celebrated its 90th anniversary this year. DBC is also the birthplace of ABWE and the first church planted by its missionaries. Kent said, “By God’s sovereign design…this cradle (congregation) has grown a church multiplying movement in Iloilo City, on Panay, across the Western Visayas, throughout the Philippines and to the nations!” When he visited the church recently, Kent noted that the leadership and congregation of DBC retain the compassion for the lost, instruction of Christ’s followers, reproduction of workers, multiplication of churches and extension of ministry to the world that the original founders had. Thank God for this congregation and pray for the continuation of its outreach and influence throughout Asia.
As we approach Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks for the many missionaries it has been our privilege to support since our beginnings as a congregation in 1966. Several of our earliest missionaries are with the Lord–Rich Rich (Japan), Joyce Rudduck (Bangladesh), Bill Klopp (Mali, Quebec), Gary Candlish (Jewish ministry),Cliff Kaufield (US) and DeElda Payton (Philippiines, US), The retirees we continue to support in prayer are: Mrs. Regina Kaufield (N. America), Mrs. Ruth Klopp (Mali, Quebec), Kay Lamb (Chad, US), John and Lois Mixon (South Africa), John and Hope Murdoch (US Military), Norm and Evelyn Nicklas (Brazil, N.America), Dr. Marvin Stephens (US-Spanish) and Mrs. Nancy Payton (Philippines, US).



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Rich and Cherry leave for Antigua, Guatemala, this Saturday, August 19. This is the first step in a years-long ministry of planting a church and bringing a church to maturity in that country. They’ll spend their first year in Spanish language study (starting in two weeks) and in familiarizing themselves with the culture and where their ministry might best be accomplished. They ask us to pray with them for teachable spirits, ready to learn all God has to show them; for the strength to battle spiritual oppression; and for the many practical details of getting themselves moved from here and settled in there. Their daughter, Bailey, a fluent Spanish speaker, will accompany them for two weeks to help them acclimatize and find their way around their new neighborhood. Pray for the family they leave behind, Bob and Nancy McLaughlin, Steve and Beth Herr, and their daughters, Bailey and Bradee and families.
The Bethesda Outreach Board is sharing plans for their annual Christmas offering. In 2017, they are asking supporter-investors to give toward the construction of a school hall for Jabulani Christian Academy. This would be the equivalent of a gymnasium in this country, with multiple functions. This hall is part of a five-year plan that includes “growing” the school to provide Christian education through high school. It will include classrooms in addition to the gym/auditorium area. By 2018, JCA will have more than 220 students, extending its influence into the surrounding community where 60-70% of the students are classified as orphaned or vulnerable children. JCA, as an arm of Bethesda Outreach, can be a financially profitable and sustainable income source for the ministry, helping to support BOMI’s gospel influence and outreach in the Pretoria/Tswane area.
Every day this summer, about 200 campers and staff would sit in the camp’s outdoor prayer chapel and begin their day being still and meditating on the fact that there is a God (Ps. 46:10). From that point on till the end of each day, Director Jon Beight, says, “we packed in as much truth and learning opportunity as possible about becoming spiritually mature as we walked through the book of James”. Beight thanks God for these blessings from the summer season: 60 salvation decisions; 1209 total campers; growth in spiritual maturity; protection and safety of staff and campers; and, speakers and staff who faithfully shared God’s Word. “You may not see the day-to-day life at camp but we want you to know it’s because of your love for us that we are able to accomplish what God has called us to,” Beight writes.


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Summer is in full swing, Steve writes, and the extreme heat here means adjusting summer schedules to match the cultural practices. Anything done outside usually happens before 10:00 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m. Steve continues to teach through the Gospel of John with Myla and Anthony on Friday evenings in Browns’ home. In return, he and Mea are learning to make traditional Native American bread. Sunday, they were invited to a traditional native Father’s Day celebration in the village of San Quaguine. Pray that the presentation of the gospel at this event will bear fruit in prepared hearts accepting Christ. Church on the reservation is still going strong in spite of the heat. About forty children attend regularly with a sprinkling of adults. Once the meeting room fills up, the heat is intense and Mea has had bouts of heat exhaustion, though she recovers quickly. Pray for Greg and Vanessa Narcho. Greg is depressed because his arraignment and sentencing on a gun charge has been delayed again. Chad Taylor, a good friend, is in hospital with severe heat exhaustion. Ask God to help Browns adjust to the extreme heat so their ministry is not hindered.
Bethesda Outreach Ministries is celebrating what God is doing at the orphan village in a series of open houses at supporting churches in the U.S. This Friday, June 23, the Bethesda team will be at West Bridge, Danville, at 6:30 p.m. Featured at the Open House will be Johanna Ngwenya, one of the first children to grow up in a Bethesda home and now a teacher at Jabulani Academy, the Christian school at the village. Director Don Whipple and staff members will be sharing God’s faithfulness and provision in the orphan ministry in the years it’s been open. Come for fun and information, ready to ask questions and find out how to pray most effectively.
May at Twin Lakes was busy, writes Director Jon Beight. In addition to preparations for the summer camping season, the staff was serving schools and churches at retreats and outdoor activities almost every day in the month. The Board met to work through some strategic planning, “helping to set vision for the direction of the camp between now and 2025”. Another highlight from the month was an approach from an area high school to host Baccalaureate services for graduating classes. Jon stressed the fact that he would preach the gospel and challenge students and parents from God’s Word at these services and the school counselor responded, “That’s exactly what I was expecting.” Pray Jon’s gospel presentation will take root in hearers’ hearts. Counselors arrived at the end of May ready to take up their ministries and blessing the staff with testimonies of how God is working in their lives and how they trust God to use them this summer.




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