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Kent and Kelly began their ministry in the Philippines more than 30 years ago. Now, they have the privilege of working with PABWE, the Philippine Association of Baptists for World Evangelism which was established 60 years ago. Kent writes, “We rejoice in the stories about PABWE missionary ministries that we hear–accounts of Asians redeemed by God’s grace and discipled from the majority religions, churches planted and Christian leaders and workers trained.” This indigenous missions movement has been sustained by local Philippine churches mainly in Thailand and Cambodia. A third, or granddaughter, missions movement has been “birthed” in Thailand and Craigs see great potential for expansion for these agencies through new recruits, new initiatives and new targets for hearing the gospel.
Don Whipple, Executive Director, reports, “These are busy days at Bethesda Outreach! Teams and interns are coming and going. Our school classrooms are full of students…We are having our annual Fun Run event to grow our connections within our community.” BOM held the first Orphan Care seminar for area churches and individuals at a church in Pretoria and are praying that these churches will understand how God wants them involved in orphan care and will respond with courage. Pray with Bethesda staff as they plan a new water system for the orphan village and refine plans for community homes. Most of all, pray the 43 children in care will see and know God’s great love for them and that the house parents will experience God’s enabling grace.
Bloomers, along with the congregation of Refuge Baptist Church, are excited about a new family who are coming to church. They have jumped in with both feet, Phil says, and started serving. The church is averaging 40 attendees each week with a spike on Mother’s Day when 60 came in response to neighborhood invites. Phil has a core group of four men in his Leadership Class who are obviously growing. They’ll be studying the life of David as a leader next. Pray for Fernando, Beto, Isaque and Danilo as they learn to lead the congregation. Pray for Phil as he takes his part in the preaching rotation and brings the message on June 4. Thank God for the opportunities he has to share with pastors and churches, through Maranatha Mission Ministry, the opportunities there are for Brazilians to take the gospel worldwide.


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Teams visiting Bethesda play a vital role in helping staff and kids at many levels. They get to know the Bethesda campus residents, eating with them, playing with them and teaching them. BOM also shows them other child care ministries in the area to help them understand the scope of the problem in Southern Africa and what ministry approaches they can apply to the problems of orphans there and in other parts of the world. The goal in inviting teams to Bethesda is to inspire and motivate them to action in their local communities based on the learning they’ve done in South Africa. A Purdue team of Fellowship of Christian Athletes men recently applied their brawn to a special project–digging a very long, deep trench to replace old and leaky waterlines. It was a job well done and the new waterline works perfectly. The team also challenged the kids to know and love God better. Thank God for the teams who lovingly give their time and expertise to help BOM. Ask God to plant seeds in the hearts of team members to serve Him with their talents.
Jon Beight writes that “…nothing makes a greater difference in a child or teen’s life than summer camp.”
He says that “spiritual goals are reached as we intentionally teach God’s Word” through activities and through chapels and group devotions. Social skills and a healthy sense of independence are learned through the caring guidance of counselors and camp staff and confidence in self and God come through adventure activities. The staff have been busy in the past month recruiting campers and counselors. As of April 1st, camp registrations are up 40% from last year with more boys registered this year than girls. Retreats and outdoor education activities are filling up April weekends and Jan Tate, the new maintenance director, with the help of volunteers, is getting roofs on two new camp residences, putting railings and benches on the lower bridge and generally sprucing up the facilities. Ask God to prepare hearts in counselors and campers for what He has for them to learn this camping season.
Sam and Jamie, who planted Nueva Vida (New Life) Baptist Church, recently guided the congregation through the process of buying and renovating its own facility. They are preparing the Easter weekend for outreach in the densely populated community that surrounds their church. Choir music and special messages will bring the gospel message to visitors who come to share in rejoicing in the resurrection of the Savior. Pray that the programs offered this weekend will powerfully impact those who hear the message of Easter.




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