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Doug says his last teaching trip to Mongolia “yielded encouraging signs of growth and the formation of a new group of students”. Because they’ve had an increasing number of requests from pastors to join the training, the Mongolian leadership and Doug started a new group to run concurrently with the already-established group studying more advanced material. Thus, two Mongolian leaders each taught a course while Doug and an American adjunct did the same. Doug was teaching courses in both the new and the advanced groups that week. Doug says, “It was wonderful to observe the growing fellowship and establishment of relationships during the…evening activities.” Mongolian pastors are often isolated in their communities without the encouragement of fellow pastors. Requests are already coming in for a training group that won’t be held till mid-2019. Pray for wisdom the Mongolian leaders as they plan for future training sessions and for the pastors who are so eager to train to preach the Word with accuracy and conviction.
Phil writes, “We continue to challenge Brazilians to consider world missions.” They ask us to pray with them for more opportunities in churches and with individuals as they represent Maranatha Multicultural Missions, recruiting and equipping Brazilians for missionary service. Ministry at Refuge Baptist Church under a new leadership team is being restructured. “The teaching and preaching…has been great,” Phil says, “but growth is at a standstill. We are planning more outreach events and trying to be creative to reach the neighborhood.” The leadership team is considering a change of Sunday service time from morning to evening in hopes of greater attendance. Pray with Bloomers about this challenge at Refuge. Pray also about the truckers’ strike which is in its seventh day and is paralyzing the country. Food and fuel are in increasingly short supply.
Doug and Abby Whicker and Joe Johansson met with Pastor Dwaine Llewellyn and Mt. Stewart Baptist leaders in a conference call, Thursday, May 23, to review progress in the C2C partnership and share goals for the future. Pastor Dwaine told the group he has been praying for 15 men he can lead to the Lord and disciple to be “consistently active” in the church. The group spent time discussing how Mt. Stewart members could achieve this goal as well as developing a structure to disciple the men. Pray with them that God will lead them to prepared hearts. Pray also for the West Bridge youth who’ll be visiting Mt. Stewart on their June missions trip and for the October 3-20 work trip Doug Whicker is organizing.



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Doug writes, “Training is not only continuing in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania on its own, it is growing well past where (we) left it a year ago, including many new venues in villages and remote locations that residents are calling “satellite venues” for their schools.” South Sudan, troubled by continuing civil war, has reorganized and restarted with Doug’s encouraging visits in 2017. One site in South Sudan taught modules completely on its own without communication or assistance because of battles raging on the outskirts of its city. This site is planning its first graduation this month. Doug has been in regular contact with and coaching its leaders, but cannot attend the graduation due to instability of the political situation in that area. Pray the Holy Spirit continues His work of grace and leadership in these African men as they teach the Word to spiritually hungry pastors.
Mea reminded us by phone recently that their goal was to use their skills to serve God in outreach and Steve is doing just that in the landscaping business he’s developed both to meet people and to give natives work opportunities. Draven is one such native who’s been clean and sober for a full year but has trouble finding work because of his past history. Steve has created a job for him in the landscaping business. Steve has almost more work than he can cope with right now while other landscapers are finding business slow because, Mea says, people have come to trust Steve’s integrity. He’ll be taking a state-mandated landscaping license test on June 1. “We have been trusting God to keep our feet on the path where He wants us to walk. He has and He has given us favor.” Steve talks to people about his Savior as he works and as he trains new help. This business has proven the best avenue of outreach they’ve had since their move to the San Xavier area. Pray the people Browns speak to and work for will trust Christ and be willing to be gathered into a group where they can be discipled and trained.
Continue to pray for the division planned by ABWE of the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico region which Gary presently supervises as Regional Director. The mission is looking for the right man to take on the Central America and Mexico fields while Gary and Marty develop the Caribbean, opening more islands to ministry. They are trusting the division of the region can be complete by January, 2019. Gary says he and Marty have become burdened by the hundreds of thousands of Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim immigrants who have poured into the Caribbean in recent years. They see these people as an incredible opportunity to reach the “least reached” for Christ in the Caribbean. They will have to recruit and train missionaries to preach the gospel and plant churches “among these precious people”. Pray for the huge task ahead of them.


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Credo Baptist Church, planted by Billingtons and ABWE colleagues more than 13 years ago, goes from strength to strength. At the recent annual business meeting, the congregation of 89, under a local pastor, celebrated five baptisms in the last year, reported five Small Groups meeting regularly and supported the formation of a church planting team which now numbers 21. The church plant team for “Baby Credo” has started two Bible studies in its targeted community. At the meeting the members were asked to submit anonymous faith promises for their giving in the coming year. So far, 33 families have pledged more than $60,000. As the church plant plans mature Credo will have to face the loss of some of their members, including Billingtons, as they move into a new ministry. It will involve sacrifice, “which can be uncomfortable,” Billingtons say. “But, we believe God does not want us to wait until we are comfortable before moving forward.” Thank God for His graciousness and blessing on Credo. Pray for wisdom as Credo makes decisions about the new ministry.
After a conversation with Mt. Stewart Baptist pastor, Dwayne Llewellyn, Doug Whicker, Director of C2C, passed on some prayer requests. For some years, demonic activity in the Mt Stewart community has caused Pastor Dwayne grave concern. This seems to be increasing, Dwayne says, and asks us to pray that God would crush the work of the evil one. He wants to trust God to keep him from being intimidated, help him to speak the Word boldly and be wise in his approach to the problem. The Baptist church at Macfield is holding a week of Easter meetings at which Pastor Dwayne is speaking. Pray with him that God would give his messages impact and prepare hearts to hear. Pray that people will respond to the Word and serve consistently. Pray also for an island-wide youth conference on April 2 and a sports day on May 5. Pray about the applications the church has submitted for Pastor’s home and the church kitchen. The process of approval is discouragingly slow.
Doug says, “A big prayer request for our coworkers in East China. Training has stopped after graduating four groups of pastor/leaders…Communication has been greatly curtailed as well.” Doug does not know when he will hear from these coworkers about scheduling new groups as the government has been less welcoming and less tolerant than before. Doug asks us to pray for “…clear leading of the Holy Spirit to continue…” in this largest country on earth. Doug may have the chance to make a survey trip this year through a large province of this country. This trip will require a sensitive approach even with the help of the Mongolian pastors who would introduce Doug to the leaders who would facilitate any teaching ministry. Pray with him for open doors.


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Bill Brittain, President, is thankful for everything so many generous people have done for the children of BCH. The October Food Shower filled empty pantry shelves for the homes in Indiana and Michigan. The Christmas giving made it possible for the homes to celebrate as any family would. The 20-mile Bike-a-thon/two-mile walk raised awareness and funds for the ministry. BCH has many needs, the greatest being Houseparents, energetic, mature Christian couples who can love and care for kids in the residential group home program. Safe Families for Children is a worldwide movement to end child abuse which BCH partners with and urges Christian people to investigate. The BCH ministry also offers mission trips to ministry locations to help with work projects; both skilled and unskilled help is needed. Pray for God’s blessing on and help for the staff and children in each BCH location, here and in Liberia, India, and Myanmar.
In November, 2017, Doug traveled to the border between Uganda and South Sudan to assist a new group of South Sudanese church leaders begin theological training programs. Doug says the South Sudanese have “lost everything and do not expect to return to their homes” for years because of civil war. The South Sudanese are fast becoming the largest group of refugees in the world with enormous camps set up in Uganda and Kenya. Their pastors believe the only real hope for their people is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Among this new group of leaders gathered for training were a high ranking officer and a sergeant of the rebel group. The two are believers and wanted to see what this South Sudan Evangelical School of Theology had to offer. They were impressed with the training especially since it was offered in local languages. One of the SSEST leaders returned to base with them to lead daily Bible studies. Pray for the pastors and Christians of South Sudan. The salvation of their country lies in their hands with the empowering of the Holy Spirit.
Phil says he and Martha remain focused on challenging Brazilians to consider missions. In 2017, they were able to teach and preach the Great Commission in several churches in the SP area. Phil also played a part in the Logos Seminary mission conference, sharing their vision in several breakout workshops. Bloomers represent the Maranatha Multicultural Ministry (MMM) presenting to SP Christians the challenge of missions in Brazil, Africa and Europe. MMM already has more than 30 missionaries serving. In 2018, Phil and Martha will host and lead mission teams from the US and Brazil. During English Camp in January, Phil was able to speak with Eduardo (20) who is considering what God wants him to do with his life. Pray for Eduardo and other Brazilian Christians who are waking up to their responsibility to evangelize both within their country and throughout the world.




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