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Bill Brittain, President, is thankful for everything so many generous people have done for the children of BCH. The October Food Shower filled empty pantry shelves for the homes in Indiana and Michigan. The Christmas giving made it possible for the homes to celebrate as any family would. The 20-mile Bike-a-thon/two-mile walk raised awareness and funds for the ministry. BCH has many needs, the greatest being Houseparents, energetic, mature Christian couples who can love and care for kids in the residential group home program. Safe Families for Children is a worldwide movement to end child abuse which BCH partners with and urges Christian people to investigate. The BCH ministry also offers mission trips to ministry locations to help with work projects; both skilled and unskilled help is needed. Pray for God’s blessing on and help for the staff and children in each BCH location, here and in Liberia, India, and Myanmar.
In November, 2017, Doug traveled to the border between Uganda and South Sudan to assist a new group of South Sudanese church leaders begin theological training programs. Doug says the South Sudanese have “lost everything and do not expect to return to their homes” for years because of civil war. The South Sudanese are fast becoming the largest group of refugees in the world with enormous camps set up in Uganda and Kenya. Their pastors believe the only real hope for their people is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Among this new group of leaders gathered for training were a high ranking officer and a sergeant of the rebel group. The two are believers and wanted to see what this South Sudan Evangelical School of Theology had to offer. They were impressed with the training especially since it was offered in local languages. One of the SSEST leaders returned to base with them to lead daily Bible studies. Pray for the pastors and Christians of South Sudan. The salvation of their country lies in their hands with the empowering of the Holy Spirit.
Phil says he and Martha remain focused on challenging Brazilians to consider missions. In 2017, they were able to teach and preach the Great Commission in several churches in the SP area. Phil also played a part in the Logos Seminary mission conference, sharing their vision in several breakout workshops. Bloomers represent the Maranatha Multicultural Ministry (MMM) presenting to SP Christians the challenge of missions in Brazil, Africa and Europe. MMM already has more than 30 missionaries serving. In 2018, Phil and Martha will host and lead mission teams from the US and Brazil. During English Camp in January, Phil was able to speak with Eduardo (20) who is considering what God wants him to do with his life. Pray for Eduardo and other Brazilian Christians who are waking up to their responsibility to evangelize both within their country and throughout the world.


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Two of our missionaries, Doug Boisvert of Tri-M and Kent Craig of ABWE, are working on getting theological training and materials to pastors in what we call East Asia. Doug has taken on the challenge of this vast region for Tri-M in conjunction with his work in Mongolia, but new regulations in the country mean creative thinking on the part of him and his local co-workers to hold training modules. Kent Craig says the East Asian church is experiencing “explosive growth with more than one million new believers annually”. A free Bible Study Toolbox has been put together to provide pastors and ministry leaders with crucial resources like Bible translations, Hebrew and Greek concordances, sample sermon outlines for every Bible passage and commentaries, all translated into local languages and available online. Kent is helping raise money to design and develop a mobile Bible commentary app for East Asians with access to the internet. Pray that these efforts to teach Christians and train pastors in a country hostile to Christians will be effective and open God’s Word to believers who want to study and grow.

God continues to show His goodness and faithfulness by bringing more and more folks from the neighborhood to Nueva Vida Church, Hornbrooks write. Because of that, the church needs a bigger auditorium and is hoping that construction can begin in the next couple of weeks. The expanded auditorium will have a total of 250 seats. “We are very ready to have a nice roof and four walls,” they say. The church’s Christmas outreach brought in 180 people to enjoy the musical drama called “The Mystery of Christmas”. In April, Nueva Vida will help host the Regional Counseling Conference, a Biblical counseling organization Sam is involved with, teaching at its seminars throughout Latin America. Pray with Hornbrooks for continued growth as the church’s programs reach into the community. Pray also for a trouble-free construction project.
The staff of Bethesda are praising God for enabling their program with new equipment and facilities in 2017. Two new boreholes (wells) were add to ease the tight water situation on the campus. A new computer lab, re-outfitted music room and expanded pre-school playground were added to the Jabulani Christian Academy facility. They are presently raising money to enlarge the school auditorium to fit in the whole student body of 200 plus. New staff included a Child Care Administrator, trained houseparents, and a board member. BOMI held its first Orphan Care Seminar, reaching and impacting many people and churches interested in orphan care. The staff hosted many short-term teams from universities and churches and interns who worked with them for several months. And, most important, new children were added to the seven families on and off campus. Thank God for blessing all aspects of the work of the orphan village and for the spiritual growth seen in children’s lives.



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Luke and Laura will be leaving for their mid-east assignment December 26. They are looking forward with excitement to being where they believe God wants them to plant churches, but naturally have some anxieties which they ask us to pray with them about. Pray they’ll finish their time here with family and friends well. Pray their children, Mae, 4, Carys, almost 2, and Owen, 4 months, will cope with all the upheaval of known and familiar, especially leaving grandparents and friends. Pray they’ll trust God in ALL things, the major and the details. And, praise God for the generosity of His people in providing for their needs. They will spend about one-and-a-half years working with an established church and possibly learning some Arabic before they launch out on their own church plant effort. Pray for Bo and Rachelle and Laura’s parents as they separate.
Doug and Cheryl have had some ministry-impacting events this November. Cheryl’s father, who lives with them, fell and broke his hip and is enduring the rehab. Doug had minor surgery but, according to Cheryl, is recovering well. And, Cheryl lost a very dear nephew of only 32 to death. She and nephew Jason’s family are thanking God for his salvation. But, this is keeping Doug from his report on his recent teaching trip to South Sudan where he taught courses for pastors who are planting churches in the many refugee camps for South Sudanese in Uganda. Pray for Doug’s and his father-in-law’s recovery, comfort for Cheryl’s sister’s family, and strength for the Sudanese pastors who are bringing the gospel to their physically and spiritually homeless countrymen and discipling new believers.
Dr. Nell reaches out to those dying of cancer and other illnesses and to their families. She was prompted to take up this ministry after surviving cancer herself and realizing how many people had no spiritual resources to help them through their final days. She founded Hope-in-Crisis, wrote materials to explain the gospel, and teaches seminars throughout the U.S. and Canada helping others learn how to present Jesus sensitively to those who are dying and to their families. Her latest book is, “I don’t know what to say.” Pray for Nell during this Christmas season as she’s called on to minister to those in hospital or hospice care who want to know the Savior.



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Doug is off to East Africa in November to teach a module to South Sudan refugees in Uganda. Doug says, “This is the group we call the “School in Exile…South Sudanese refugees coming from camps in the Congo and Uganda…and from the interior bush areas of South Sudan where many have fled for refuge as Internal Displaced People living off the land in extreme conditions…” as the civil war rages on. According to Doug, there has been a drastic increase in interest in Tri-M training since the war forced so many out of their homes. This has put more demands on Christian leaders and increased the need for Doug’s involvement. Pray for godly relationships to be built with a new group of pastors and leaders just starting their training. Pray also for Sudanese Co-leader, Pastor Tom, suffering from serious heart problems and not able to teach this time. Pray for Doug as he carries the entire teaching load this time, assisting these students to learn to teach the Word to people hurting physically and spiritually and planting churches in refugee camps.
Credo Baptist, the church Billingtons work with, had their annual church camp last weekend. Though they were forced by inclement weather to stay indoors, Jill says they worshiped, learned truths from the Word, played games, had deep talks, and worked in the kitchen together. This week, Mark and Jill will host their annual hot dog party around their fire pit for Halloween. They invite the neighborhood to stop by and get to know one another. “We love how this builds a better community and how relationships are strengthened,” Jill says. “Pray that we will shine brightly by our words and action, and pray for connections to be made between neighbors…and that God would be made visible.” Thank God that the Credo ll church-plant team is growing. This team meets regularly to pray and discuss plans for planting a neighborhood “missional” community.
Churches across Indiana and Michigan are gathering food, paper products, cleaning supplies and gift cards for the annual BCH Food Shower. These gifts help feed BCH children and staff all year long. Pray for a bountiful harvest, thanking God for his faithful provision. Newborn, Jeremiah, has arrived on the doorstep of the BCH-affiliated home in Liberia. His mother died giving birth and no one in his village wants him because they believe such a child brings bad luck. But he will grow up cared for, educated and loved, and most importantly, learning that God loves him. Two siblings from Utah are looking for a home in the Elkhart, IN, home. Ask God to answer prayer for a waiver from the State to allow them admission here where they can get the care and love they need. Thank God for BCH’s staff and host families who often deal with difficult, heart-wrenching situations to make sure the knowledge of God’s love reaches hurting children.





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