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Jared and Alyssa will be back in the US later this month on a six-month furlough to attend to the medical needs of one of the children. They will spend most of that time here in Danville, staying with Alyssa’s parents, but looking for a short-term lease. Look for them around WBC as they plan to be active in Alyssa’s home church while they’re here. Jared’s home church in Roanoke, VA, has provided them with a vehicle for the duration of their stay. Ask God to give them a good experience with medical professionals at an Indianapolis hospital, getting the help they need so they may return to ministry in Turkey with easy minds at the end of their furlough. Remember the young church plant they’re leaving, that God will bless it with strong and faithful leadership and believers who will grow in their relationship with God and be consistent witnesses.
Doug leaves this month on a teaching trip to Asia. Two pastors from supporting US churches will accompany him for a week-long module in Mongolia. They will be teaching the third group of pastors and church leaders to go through the Tri-M program since it began in Mongolia. Pray that the 25 pastors and church leaders will have victory over obstacles that may arise, e.g. travel difficulties, family problems, illness. Doug says, “We are transitioning to having at least one Mongolian leader assume teaching responsibilities for one of the three courses in each teaching module. This will begin consistently next year, so this trip…will confirm and coordinate details with the Mongolian leadership. Pray that we ill sense Jesus’ clear direction in this transition and be of the same Godly mindset.” Pray also for pastors who’ve graduated from the Tri-M courses so they’ll continue to be “creative and faithful”.
Steve and Mea are spending this weekend (9/16-17) in Albuquerque, NM, to share their ministry in Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church. The pastor told Browns he didn’t want a sermon from them, he wanted them to inspire his people with missionary vision and outline the steps to following the Lord in service. Pray that these goals will be accomplished in this congregation. Browns continue with weekly Bible study with Myla and Anthony, rotating between their home and the native couple’s on the reservation. They emphasize that the TO natives like to give as much as they get, so Steve and Mea are sensitive to this and other cultural norms they encounter as they befriend TO people. They are looking at a new area of the reservation in the east with a good population of villages and are asking their reservation friends for introductions to any family they can contact in that area. It adds more travel to their already farflung area of ministry, but they’re willing to get involved. Pray for CJ (10) who’s feeling the lack of peer fellowship and for daughter, Logan, who’s loving college and her church activities in California.


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Phil and Martha are preparing for a team from West Bridge who will be arriving in Sao Paolo to minister with them at Refuge Baptist Church October 13-21.  Our team will help by working on the Refuge Baptist facility, canvassing the neighborhood surrounding the church to invite kids to kids club (young people), offering leadership training to the men’s class Phil has been teaching (Rick Baker), preach at services (Pastor Ron McDugle), enjoy the fellowship of Pastor Davino and his family and church members and visiting the Bloomer children’s school, PACA and other places of interest in the area.  Pray that the impact of this trip will be mutual:  both WBC team members and church members blessing each other as they work together and learn about each other’s lives and spiritual challenges.  Thank God for giving this opportunity to the WBC team to see His church in a different setting.
Continue to pray for the pastors and Christians of South Sudan who have been scattered throughout the South Sudan/Uganda/Congo region by the brutal civil war in their country. They’ve lost their homes, their possessions, their crops and animals, everything that kept body and soul together, but not their faith. Doug reports that pastors are planting new churches in the refugee camps where they find themselves and discipling new Christians so they can effectively preach God’s Word in the refugee camps and in their home villages when they return. Doug recently conducted two Tri-M courses for the South Sudan Evangelical School of Theology for all pastors who could get away from their camps to attend. Pray that God would bring an end to the vicious power struggle between two Sudanese leaders and allow Sudanese back to their villages. Pray that pastors and Christians will bring home a message of hope and reconciliation between people and God.
Kent and Kelly spent their first two terms of service in the Philippines church planting and in administration of the ABWE work. They rejoice, Kent says, in reports about the Philippine ABWE (PABWE), an indigenous
mission agency that has planted churches throughout the country for 60 years, training Christian leaders and workers and discipling converts from non-Christian religious groups. The PABWE work spread into Thailand and Cambodia where “granddaughter mission movements” are gaining strength. Kent says, “…the future of the (PABWE) mission agency represents great potential for expansion through new recruits, new initiatives and new targets.” Pray with Craigs for continued growth and spiritual vision amongst Philippine, Thai and Cambodian Christians.


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Phil and Jack are making a short visit to Danville on family matters and will be leaving for Sao Paulo on Wednesday, July 5. Phil asked us to pray with him and Martha about some ministry challenges. Pastor Dalvino of Refuge Baptist Church is transitioning into semi-retirement and the church will need a new pastor by the end of this year. Phil is trusting that the transition process moves smoothly as he wants to give more of his time to representing the Maranatha Missions Ministry in Sao Paulo, recruiting Brazilian Christians for missionary service. He is giving leadership classes for half-a-dozen men in the church using Moses and David as leadership models. He says economic conditions in Brazil are at a low ebb leading a number of students to drop out of seminary because they don’t have the funds to finish their courses. Also, he says pastors are finding interest in spiritual things waning. People don’t want to listen to gospel witness in their homes or on the street. Pray about a number of changes in ABWE missionary staffing in Sao Paulo which may take teammates off the field for some time.

Al and Tara are praising God for the new families attending the One Redeemer Church since its move to a community center; for the public launch of Life Church in Marsden Park and its growth in attendance in its first couple of months; for a new church, nameless as yet, launching July 2, in Auburn, a densely populated Muslim community. Mayhaks are involved in helping in the ministries of all three of these churches. They are also happy to see the revival of a fourth church, Belmont Bible Fellowship, where they hope to help in outreach ministries as well as pulpit supply. During the week, they continue teaching Scripture in public schools and have been encouraged by the interest of some students. Al is in prayer for Clive, his teaching assistant, who is growing in his ability to teach and lead a Scripture class. He may be able to take over Al’s position as teacher when Al is on furlough. Thank God with Mayhaks for his faithfulness in planting these new congregations and pray that the gospel will impact each of their communities.
Doug trained pastors in South Sudan long before it split from Sudan into a separate country in 2011, using the 2 Timothy 2:2 model, “…training faithful men who could in turn train others.” The mobile, modular system of teaching in one and two week periods using translated materials that pastors could take home and put to use immediately in congregations and share with other pastors worked well. Now, these pastors, who, with their congregations, have been forced into refugee camps by the horrifying civil war in their country, are planting churches in their camps, winning people to Christ, discipling them and preparing them for the day when they can take their faith and training home to plant churches once again in South Sudan. Doug says, “I wish I could share all the stories of how student/pastors are ministering in that (refugee camp) environment, forming fellowship groups to deal with issues from a biblical perspective to staring new churches based on Biblical standards.” Thank God that His Word overcomes all obstacles.


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Dr. Nell has finished a book called, “I Don’t Know What to Say”. In it, she reminds readers of how they must prepare personally and practically to counsel individuals coping with terminal illness and end-of-life issues. She also offers user-friendly hints and helps to assist in communicating with those who “have come to the end of themselves in the midst of turbulent waters”. Her ministry is to those (and their families) who are facing the end of life without Christ. She has trained counselors in this field for many years, producing all her own materials, and keeping up a ministry of personal evangelism with the terminally ill as they are referred to her. She says, “…much wisdom and discernment is needed to progressively establish contact, develop rapport, explains the gospel, do crisis discipleship, and involve them in a Bible-preaching church…Pray 2 Timothy 2:24 for me, that, as a servant of the Lord, I would be gentle, apt to teach and patient.”
This week, Doug is meeting with 36 South Sudanese pastors from refugee camps in the Congo, Uganda and South Sudan in Koboko, a town in northern Uganda, to help them complete their last two Tri-M courses for the South Sudan Evangelical School of Theology. The pastors knew they would face an expensive and uncomfortable journey to reach this destination, but for the last year, they have worked with SSEST’s leadership to coordinate this last teaching session, to struggle with the details of traveling as refugees through these countries and to find the money to meet their expenses. They live with difficult and dangerous conditions and the overwhelming struggle to minister to fellow refugees, but they are determined. Pray that God will protect them on their journeys, protect their families while they are gone, protect their ministries as others ‘fill the gap’ during their absence. Many pastors have planted new churches in the refugee camps and rural hiding areas in South Sudan, ministering to those feeling utterly hopeless. Others are serving both government troops and rebel units as unofficial chaplains to reach soldiers for Christ. Pray for a great harvest of souls for the church of Christ in Central and East Africa.
Doug Whicker, Director of C2C, is coordinating a ministry trip to Mt. Stewart Baptist Church July 1-8. He says, “…there are lots of opportunities for ministry from giving devotions, construction projects, teaching and discipleship. More will be explained about this trip at an informational meeting Thursday, May 25, 7:00 p.m. at church. Pastor Dwaine has asked for prayer for his congregation and community, including: A pastors and wives retreat, May 25-27 which Dwaine and Arlene hope to attend; graduates from Fairview Bible College taking their training into ministry in the island; the ministries at Cornwall Mountain and Knockalva; protection and wisdom in countering the evil and demonic activity in the Mt. Stewart community; the process of adding to the pastor’s house and the church kitchen; and another vehicle for Pastor Dwaine.
Congratulations to Kelly and Sherri who welcomed Luke William into their family, Thursday, May 11. At 9 lbs/12 oz, Luke is doing well, as is his mother, Sherri. Praise God for his safe arrival. Faths live in Bratislava, Slovakia.




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