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Steve and Mea have been severely tested this week as their daughter, Logan, underwent surgery. Logan lives with Steve’s uncle and aunt in California where she attends college. She had a minor, outpatient surgery Tuesday which resulted in a dangerous allergic reaction to the anesthetic. Browns were preparing to fly to CA to be with her, but her condition stabilized and Steve’s uncle suggested he and the aunt drive her home to AZ for Thanksgiving. Complicating this health issue, Logan is losing hearing in one ear and can’t fly because of the effects of cabin pressure. Pray with Browns for Logan’s complete recovery, her hearing situation and whether she should take a semester off school to sort out these issues. Pray with Browns as they consider moving to the town of Tubac, much closer to their ‘field of operations’ in the eastern section of the T-O reservation. Also, CJ is enduring a bout of flu.
Every letter from Vissers gives a quick look at their many ministries. The main one is teaching at and administering the Baptist French Pastoral Bible Institute in Lagrange. They are finally reaching the end of renovations to their facility, praise God! Karyn taught a course on Women’s Ministries to women from local churches last week and during the course was able to lead one of the women, uncertain of her salvation, to faith in Jesus. They have been encouraging members of their Luxembourg City church plant to witness to friends, family and neighbors and, “they’re starting to do that, with mixed results, of course”. They’ve scheduled a special Christmas program in December and are asking God for a good attendance of those who need to hear the gospel. They’ll also be distributing a Daily Bread-type calendar and pray for responses from recipients. Thank God for Vissers’ faithfulness in all the ministries they undertake. Ask God to bless their efforts.
Harry adds more information to the paragraph two weeks ago. He says Memorial Christian Hospital patient load is now one-in-three Rohingya from Myanmar. A temporary facility has been set up next to the main facility to add more beds. Short-term staff are coming and going, organized by Samaritan’s Purse, all needing to be housed, fed and oriented. The MCH team, responding to these brutalized refugees say, “We’ve prayed for this people group for years…no way, no truth, no life among them, and we couldn’t get permissions to enter their refugee camps. We’ve tried mobile clinics and a non-formal education center on the outskirts. We’ve prayed. We’ve watched.” “And now,” says Harry, “they are coming to us, camped on our compound in desperate need.” Pray the hospital staff and local Christians can make the most of this opportunity for God’s glory.



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Harry’s had a busy spring and early summer visiting ABWE fields in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Bangladesh.He taught classes in chronological evangelism, met with missionaries and national leaders and gathered information helpful to future workers. He’s pleased to report that Memorial Christian Hospital in BD has received two million dollars to expand the facility, but needs about $850,000 more to complete the project and more doctors and nurses. Now he and Jan are in the thick of ABWE summer training programs for candidates, enrichment courses for furloughing missionaries and then, back to BD for Harry to give the missionaries the security training required by the US State Department, while Jan helps develop seminar materials for Heart, Mind, Soul sessions for communities churches want to reach.
“God is adding people to our little (Credo) congregation,” Billington’s write. Two more families have joined their “missional community”, the daughter church Mark and Jill and some of the Credo people are planting, bringing those involved in the missional community to 26. These include Ben, one of the elders in the Credo church, Angelique, leader of the Credo women’s ministry, and Olivier, who works with the youth. They meet every three weeks to plan and pray and have hosted block parties (something the city of Quebec encourages) to meet and reach out to new people. They ask us to pray that they will be bold in sharing the gospel and offering true compassion.
Jon Beight, Director, reports that the first three camps in June were 97% full and July will be even better at 98% of capacity. The staff are excited about the number of campers they are able to minister to each summer. So far, they have recorded 36 salvations with scores of spiritual growth decisions. Speakers are using the Book of James with its practical points of application to challenge and encourage campers. Onthe financial side, the Board is moving ahead with their Legacy TLC campaign for building programs. So far, 25%, or $300,000 has been raised and Jon says the Board is looking forward to seeing how God will provide the rest. “Continue to pray for the summer staff for strength and stamina, both physical and spiritual, along with patience and compassion for those to whom we minister.”


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“Thank you for praying for two recent church planting events. Both yielded encouraging results,” writes Tara.
The official opening service for Life Church in Marsden Park was well attended with many genuine visitors looking for a church home. Every Sunday in April, visitors have returned and some have decided to settle in. The attendance at the church has doubled since the church opened. One Redeemer Church in North Richmond is also attracting visitors, though not as many as Life Church. The staff is encouraged but praying for more growth. Some outreaches Mayhak and church staff are using include mailbox flyers, personal invitations, website information and bi-weekly “door knocking”. Al and Tara presented the death and resurrection in their public school Scripture classes around Easter and were allowed to give an invitation to the class as a whole (though not to individual students). Pray the Holy Spirit will be at work in children’s hearts drawing some to make a decision for Christ.
What does church planting look like in Mexico City? Hornbrooks and their pastoral staff keep the congregation busy with activities and outreaches to draw in visitors from the densely populated community in which their new facility stands. The men of New Life in Christ Baptist Church meet together for a Breakfast and Work Day to do maintenance on their building and to study God’s Word so they can “lead their families”. The young people, under their creative youth pastor, have ministered at a nearby orphanage, sharing testimonies and playing games. The young people also have a mime team which performs at church and special events. Kids’ Day on May 1 drew in 110 to hear the Kids’ Choir perform. And, on May 6, the ladies hosted a Mother-Daughter Breakfast at which 65 attendees heard of God’s love for them. Pray for a congregation growing in their knowledge of and love for God and witnessing to their neighbors.
Harry and Jan oversee the work of teammates in the Muslim countries of South Asia. They challenge American Christians to consider what God is doing in Muslim countries; how to measure success in winning converts; and, how to answer the question, “Is it a waste of missionaries’ time and money to evangelize Muslims?” God is doing something big in the Muslim world, Harry says. In the last 40 years, more Muslims have accepted Jesus Christ than in all of Muslim history (which dates back to 622 A.D.). When you read of 1,000 believers being baptized, he points out, you must realize that that figure represents 20,000 believers as Muslims are slow to take the public step of following Christ in baptism. Harry and Jan strive, among their other responsibilities, to recruit new missionaries for Muslim countries. Pray that Christians will understand the importance of loving and winning a major portion of the world’s population.


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Harry is traveling in the Indo-Malaysia region, networking with key contacts in five cities having a total population of 53 million targets for the gospel. His goal is to gather information about how and through whom God is working in this region and exploring visa and ministry opportunities for future ABWE teams. One of the activities Harry will participate in is an ongoing study of The Message of Hope with 25 university students. TMOH is the Muslim adaptation Harry and Jan developed of a 40-lesson chronological evangelistic study of the Bible. He will also be involved in a seminar to train teammates and local Christians to teach TMOH effectively. Harry asks us to pray with him that God will open the team’s eyes to the opportunities in this region and to connect them to possible future partners; to provide safety in this extremely restrictive Muslim majority region; and to be able to recruit workers. Pray also for Jan who is once again recovering from her long-time nemesis, pneumonia.
After being invited to visit Guatemala recently, Rich and Cherry found exciting possibilities for ministry among the Mayan people in that violent and drug-lord ridden country. They ask us to pray with them about God’s direction in decision-making, i.e, switching from their original destination, Costa Rica, to Guatemala. There are a number of problems to overcome in making such a move and they are trusting God to show them, Gary Crawford, their Regional Director, and ABWE how to work these out. Smiths are thanking God for the increasing amount of support that is coming in. They hope to be at 85% of their support level by April 10 so they may participate in a final ABWE candidate class they need before leaving for the field.
Al and Tara will be preparing for the Easter season on several fronts. They will have the opportunity to present the plan of salvation to the students they have in their Religious Instruction classes in the public schools of the Northwest Sydney area. They hope also to reach parents through their teaching of these children. Mayhaks work with two church plants, One Redeemer and Melrose Park, building them up in spiritual maturity and in numbers in some of the new suburbs growing up in this area of metropolitan Sydney. Melrose Park is near a large subdivision being settled by large numbers of immigrant families. They will be helping the pastors and congregations of these two churches to reach out in their neighborhoods with the Easter message.




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