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High School Camp recap 2013

Written by Tyson Herald on . Posted in WBC Blog

Thank you for praying for our high school camp this summer! It was a HUGE success. 

You can read about the first part of our week here. 
Take a glimpse at our week:

52 people from our church
29 hours in a bus
1,552 miles traveled
16 hours in the main sessions
18 pizzas to feed them dinner on the way home
Nearly every student made decisions to focus more on their relationship with Jesus
Hands down the students favorite part of the trip was the main sessions/teachings
3 students baptized 
2 students now trusting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

Bigstuf Camp 2013: Priceless

Day #3 update

Written by Tyson Herald on . Posted in WBC Blog

Sorry for the delay with day #3. It was a very late night for me last night which is usually a good thing. It means I and the rest of our team are up talking with students till hours I haven’t seen since college. 

Day 3 was amazing! The morning session was all about encouraging students to guard their hearts. Specifically, in the way that culture tells them they have to look, dress, act, impress. Stuart Hall led us through a time of looking at what God’s word says about being a man or a woman vs. what culture says. Many students shared hurts and struggles they were experiencing in this area. 

The night session is where it got real. We spent time in the book of James chapter 5. The challenge to the students was to quit looking to social media to be known as it’ll never be enough. While many students are quick to share their latest success or great achievements very few of us are willing to share where we struggle. James 5:16 says, So confess your sins to one another, that you may be healed. Ben Crawshaw then gave some great parameters for the students to look at when confessing to one another. First, look to someone older and wiser. Second, make sure that Jesus and a plan of accountability are central to the time. For nearly 2 hours after the session our students were in groups sharing their struggles with one another. Wish you could have seen it! We walked away from that session with the phrase, “Everyone doesn’t need to know but somebody has to know.” Namely God and a friend that can help us along….so that we can start the process of being healed. 

Thanks for praying! 



The explosions have started…

Written by Tyson Herald on . Posted in WBC Blog

Don’t worry. No one has got hurt. We have seen God start blowing up our students thoughts on what is most important in life though. Day 2 has been awesome! While nearly every other part of Florida was experiencing a tropical storm we managed to stay dry and have an absolutely beautiful day. 

Morning Session: It was all about friendships and who the students allow to have influence in their lives. We were in Proverbs, specifically in Proverbs 13:20. “He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.” Reality is that we often let those closest to us have more influence than God. The speaker challenged the students to be thermostats, no thermometers. A thermometer will reflect back to us what the temperature is. However, a thermostat will set the temperature. In their friendships I pray that the students come away setting the temp vs. reflecting the temp. After all, the old saying is correct. As your friends go, you go. 

In my 7 yrs of working with students nearly every time a student makes a poor choice I usually hear this phrase. “I was with a friend and we…” So thankful for the challenge to them this morning to let God have primary influence but be very intentional on who they let be closest to them. 

Evening Session: Reality is that we have an enemy out to kill our desire for God. If he can derail us here it affects every other area of life. We spent time in Psalm 23,37. The speaker left us with one great question when it comes to our desire for God. How do you want what you already have? As Christians, we get all of Christ so it’s not a matter of getting more of Him but recognizing He is best! Every time. All the time.  The enemy is out to distort reality that we really can experience the fullness of Christ in this life! 




Parents of Students: Looking for a way to connect with your student once they’re home about what happened today? Tell them a time where you had to make some difficult choices about who you let have influence in your life. Or maybe it’s a choice you wish you would have made. 

Getting there is 1/2 the fun!

Written by Tyson Herald on . Posted in WBC Blog

Thank you for your prayers as we made it safely down to camp. Our trip went very smooth especially considering we were traveling with over 50 people. Our students did great!  We have one student flying down to meet us Thurs morning since his flight was delayed due to weather tonight. 

We had a great first session with Ben Crawshaw reminding us of the reality that God is working even when we can’t seem to see it. We spent time in Joshua 6 looking at the fact the Israelites had to question and wonder what God was doing asking them walk around the walls 7 times. What God sees is greater than what we see. He was asking them to trust Him in faith just as He does us today.  Because of Jesus we are a new creation. The old is gone. We have a new reality. I’m hoping and praying that our students see that God’s reality is greater than our reality this week. 
In our church group time I asked the students 2 specific questions:
1) Would you allow God to speak into any area of your life this week?
2) What do you want from this week? Now pray about both of those. 
The truth is God is always working. Unfortunately, we aren’t always quick to listen. Looks like God is starting to get their attention this week and I can’t wait to see how He works in their lives. Will you join me in praying for them? 
*Parents of students:  Looking for a way to connect with your student once they get home? Share a time in your life where you couldn’t see God working at the time but now you see that His reality really was greater than yours.




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