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Jared and Alyssa will be back in the US later this month on a six-month furlough to attend to the medical needs of one of the children. They will spend most of that time here in Danville, staying with Alyssa’s parents, but looking for a short-term lease. Look for them around WBC as they plan to be active in Alyssa’s home church while they’re here. Jared’s home church in Roanoke, VA, has provided them with a vehicle for the duration of their stay. Ask God to give them a good experience with medical professionals at an Indianapolis hospital, getting the help they need so they may return to ministry in Turkey with easy minds at the end of their furlough. Remember the young church plant they’re leaving, that God will bless it with strong and faithful leadership and believers who will grow in their relationship with God and be consistent witnesses.
Doug leaves this month on a teaching trip to Asia. Two pastors from supporting US churches will accompany him for a week-long module in Mongolia. They will be teaching the third group of pastors and church leaders to go through the Tri-M program since it began in Mongolia. Pray that the 25 pastors and church leaders will have victory over obstacles that may arise, e.g. travel difficulties, family problems, illness. Doug says, “We are transitioning to having at least one Mongolian leader assume teaching responsibilities for one of the three courses in each teaching module. This will begin consistently next year, so this trip…will confirm and coordinate details with the Mongolian leadership. Pray that we ill sense Jesus’ clear direction in this transition and be of the same Godly mindset.” Pray also for pastors who’ve graduated from the Tri-M courses so they’ll continue to be “creative and faithful”.
Steve and Mea are spending this weekend (9/16-17) in Albuquerque, NM, to share their ministry in Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church. The pastor told Browns he didn’t want a sermon from them, he wanted them to inspire his people with missionary vision and outline the steps to following the Lord in service. Pray that these goals will be accomplished in this congregation. Browns continue with weekly Bible study with Myla and Anthony, rotating between their home and the native couple’s on the reservation. They emphasize that the TO natives like to give as much as they get, so Steve and Mea are sensitive to this and other cultural norms they encounter as they befriend TO people. They are looking at a new area of the reservation in the east with a good population of villages and are asking their reservation friends for introductions to any family they can contact in that area. It adds more travel to their already farflung area of ministry, but they’re willing to get involved. Pray for CJ (10) who’s feeling the lack of peer fellowship and for daughter, Logan, who’s loving college and her church activities in California.


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Gary is in Jamaica for two weeks leading a youth ministry team from a Brownsburg, IN, church. Pray the young people will take full advantage of their opportunities to share the gospel and show the love of God in action. Gary will also meet with leaders of the Association of Independent Baptist Churches in Jamaica to discuss future ministry possibilities and needs. Two new ABWE missionary families will be arriving in the next couple of years and Crawfords and church leaders want to make the best use of their abilities to ‘grow’ churches in the country. Pray for Crawford family members: Matthew attending Liberty University’s Music and Worship Camp before beginning his senior year in high school and the three Crawford wives expecting first babies this fall. Gary writes, “Pray for our focus to be steadfast on Jesus and the gospel as we week to encourage, communicate and guide our missionaries on the field.”
Rich and Cherry have finished their jobs–Rich at WBC and Cherry at Covenant Christian High School–and are organizing for their August 19 departure for Antigua, Guatemala, where they will spend their first year in intensive study of the Spanish language and learning to know the Guatemalan people and their culture. Thank God they’re at almost full support and have an settle in to when they arrive. In conjunction with WBC’s Church Plant Team, Smiths have set goals for their first few years of becoming familiar with the language and people of Guatemala, assessing opportunities for sharing the gospel and, as they ‘make disciples’, building a body of believers and training leaders. Pray they’ll seek and understand God’s leading as they trust Him for this ‘bold move’ they’re making for His glory.
Jared and Alyssa are nurturing a small group of Christians in a home Bible study while keeping their eyes on the goal of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with local people as God gives them opportunities. They want, as God leads, to see a church planted in their town led by a local pastor. However, they need to interrupt their ministry to return to Indiana for medical treatment for one of the children. They are waiting on appointments at a local hospital before they make further plans. Pray with them as they keep trusting in God’s provision of the appointments they need, a place to live while they are here, and leadership for their small group of Christians while they are away.


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Rob and Ale write, “This year we added something…exciting to the youth program called “The Battle”:  Team Challenge and theme nights.  Our Bible studies will always be the primary focus of the youth services, but the Team Challenge has quickly become a popular highlight of the night as well.  We had 75 students out last week as attendance continues to grow and the students continue to come faithfully and become more involved.”  A new Bible study series beginning soon is “Jesus Came to Save”. ” It’s going to be a very important series for our youth as they grow in their faith and gain a deeper understanding of the doctrine of salvation so as to be able to lead others to Christ,” Rob says.  Pray for the young people growing in their faith walk as they study the Bible, and pray for the new Against the Current chapter beginning in a church plant in Chiclayo, Peru’s fourth largest city.
“Many unsettled hearts in (this region) are ready to be introduced to the Prince of Peace.” writes Jared. ” A retired man in our area of ministry is reading the Scriptures and embracing the Truth.  Two middle-aged women have heard the gospel and are also reading the Scriptures.  These women are also speaking openly with their children about their search for the truth.  Doors are opening in the expatriate community where we are located.”  As Easter approaches, Rakers and their fellow worshippers are praying it will be an opportunity to gather some of the known believers and searching individuals who have not been meeting for corporate worship.  Pray God will give them wisdom to work around an important referendum held the same day in their country.  Rakers are also co-ministering with a group in a town to the north of their home city where they are seeing God impact hearts.  Ask God to plant bodies of believers in both cities whose members will impact their families and communities.
Kelly’s been able to focus attention on some of his Eastern European fields recently.  He’s met with the team in Bulgaria who are “growing” a church plant, Christian bookstore, women’s and children’s outreaches and a Bible study in a nearby town.  In Kosovo, the Kosovo Leadership Academy is getting much needed long-term teaching staff, and in the Czech Republic, missionaries are building a ministry through kids’ clubs and English language clubs.  He was also able to meet with a Prague teammate who works with an anti-trafficking ministry.  The Romania team will shortly be meeting in retreat with Kelly leading.  And, he and Sherri will shortly meet in Berlin with Regional Directors from Western Europe and the Middle East/North Africa to share ministry needs and successes.  Pray for the teammates Faths work with in each of their Eastern European/Mediterranean fields, asking God to keep them faithful to and eager for their ministries.




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