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South Africa
Bethesda Outreach will be making some changes in the family homes this month. Two long-serving couples, the Shikwambanes and the Phagos, will be retiring and returning to live in the community near BOMI. Both couples have been with the orphanage as house parents since the beginning of the ministry. Both husbands, Fritz Shikwambane and Jones Phago, will continue working some days at Bethesda while Masello Shikwambane begins ministry at a local nursing home. Lena Phagos will continue caring for some of the children from Bethesda as these kids have known no other parents or home. Pray for these two couples as they transition into the community. Ask God to make their witness strong. Pray for the new house parents Bethesda has trained to take their place. Ask God to help the children in these homes adjust.
Kelly and Sherri are praying for more missionaries to join those already serving in Central Asia. More missionaries would enable ABWE to expand ministries in those countries. Some of the countries are largely Muslim and foreign Christian workers can’t get residency permits, so they make ministry trips into the region to teach at a seminary and help local pastors plant churches. In Kyiv (Kiev, Ukraine), Kelly is encouraging the opportunity to upgrade and expand the space that the Church Ministries Institute (CMI) uses on the campus of the Kyiv Theological Seminary. The CMI will occupy a dedicated wing and will be able to expand its programs, including online courses, which offer short-term biblical education to church members. Kelly led this ministry during his first term as a missionary. Pray for the funding needed to facilitate this project.
Craigs shared highlights in the ministries of missionaries under their supervision in the regions of Asia Pacific and East Asia. Asians are taking more and more responsibility for sharing the gospel. Four hundred graduates of the Asia Biblical Theological Seminary are serving across Asia with 300 students from more than a dozen countries preparing for service. Sixteen graduates from Goroka Baptist Bible College in Papua New Guinea have dispersed throughout their country to pastor and plant churches and lead in congregations. A Chinese couple saved in a Bible study 10 years ago are pastoring a church in a capital city. A Cambodian who became a Christian in a US jail and was deported from the US back to his home country where he married a Christian woman. They are now in training to reach other deportees and to plant a church for them. Praise God for His work in the lives of these national Christians and for the ministry they bring in their own language and culture to their countrymen.


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Faths will be spending this weekend with their ABWE teammates in Hungary at their annual team retreat.
These retreats are for spiritual fellowship and encouragement as well as ministry business and planning.
They’ll be with the Romania team in November for the same purpose and they met with their missionaries in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Kosovo in August. Kelly is gearing up for the sixth CEEMed Missions Roundtable in early November. This is a biennial event which promotes and advances national (local) missions movements. Two years ago, 60 missionaries and local pastors and Christian leaders attended. Pray with Kelly and Sherri as they direct, counsel and encourage missionaries on their Central and East European and Mediterranean fields.
Robert writes, “Now that a strong core group has been developed in the youth ministry at Omega Baptist, our next goal is to begin encouraging the youth to practice faith in action by reaching out…to share the gospel with family, friends and neighbors…The youth ministry at New Life Baptist has set an example of faith in action by regularly visiting hospitals and children’s homes to share the gospel with those who are hurting. They also are involved in regular missions trips throughout the country.” Pray with Cupps that the high school and university young people they evangelize, disciple and train will grow into responsible church members, leaders and church planters for Peru.
Steve and Mea have launched a new “gospel offensive” on the east side of the TO reservation in the San Xavier area. They have started door-to-door visitation, sharing the gospel and inviting people to Bible study. The people of the San Xavier reservation are a mix of TO and Yaqui natives and Mexicans. The population is three to four times the size of the population in the Sells area and the people are more aware of the outside world, more open to contact with whites, and better off financially because they live closer to cities along I-19 where they work. Browns are encouraged by the spiritual growth of their friends Myla and Anthony with whom they study the Bible weekly. Myla and Anthony are looking for a church home in either Casa Grande or Tucson. Mea says they are feeling the need of more teaching and the spiritual fellowship of mature believers. Pray with Browns about their new ministry direction. Ask God to lead them to hearts prepared to hear and accept the gospel. Pray also about Steve and Mea’s thinking of studying Spanish. It would give them greater acceptance among the many Mexican people they meet.


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Bill Brittain, President of BCH, wants to introduce us to Mung Aung, 31. Mung (pro. Moong) is the Campus Pastor at Agape Children’s Home in Myitkyina, Myanmar. He is responsible for rearing and living alongside the orphan boys in that home, a remarkable man with a passion and compassion for children. Mung himself grew up in the home after losing both parents and grandparents. He is a graduate of both high school and Bible college, has earned a degree in Psychology and has the respect of local ministry leaders. Mung has asked BCH staff and supporters to pray with him about finding a godly wife. He knows he can be a more effective “parent” at the home with the right wife. Brittain says, “Mung Aung is just another example of the power of our ministry outreach to impact lives and of the contagious work of loving and caring for children.”
Vissers sent out five graduates to begin service in French churches this spring. One is in a 6-month pastoral internship; two are getting married and with their spouses will be serving in local churches; a young retired couple are looking for a local church and pastor who could use their services. At the same time, applications from prospective new students are beginning to come in for the fall semester. Pray with Vissers for the graduating servants and the new students God wants to train for ministry. “It’s a joy to work with the church in Luxembourg,” Rich writes. “Everyone knows it’s a place where they can honestly express their needs and get prayerful help from brothers and sisters in Christ.” Ask God to bless these people with signs of growth. The French national mission agency, A.M.E.B.I., is working with two new missionaries who are helping out with ministries in France before being evaluated and recommended for full missionary status. And, praise God, the New Testament in Luxembourgish is in the last stages of printing. It will be available in November on paper and in digital format.
Kelly reports on a number of his Central and Eastern Europe and Mediterranean fields: He participated in the four-hour graduation service of the University of Divine Grace in Moldovo, sending graduates to work in mostly Muslim countries of Eastern Europe; received an update from Ukraine team leader, Mike Gustafson (former WBC intern) where missionaries are working with pastors and local Christians to bring physical and spiritual relief to people affected by war; rejoiced with missionaries in the Mediterranean country, which can’t be named, about their new and specific visas which help them move around the country more easily; and, prayed with the Kosovo Leadership Academy entering its Phase 2 fund-raising campaign to enlarge its facility. The growing Kosovo team also needs a leader..


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The men’s and ladies’ Bible studies at Nueva Vida en Cristo, starting with breakfast before ‘digging into the Word’, have resulted in people from the community growing in their faithfulness in church attendance. Praise God! Another new ministry is using tutoring as an outreach. Hornbrooks will offer help four hours a day Monday through Thursday. They also plan on teaching English classes during the school year starting in August. “The Biblical Counseling Movement in Mexico is exploding,” Hornbrooks write. Sam teaches and trains pastors in both Mexico and throughout Latin America. Nueva Vida is expanding its own counseling ministry as well, knowing the big need for biblical counseling in their church and in the surrounding community. Pray God will use this ministry to change people’s lives and ‘grow’ the church.
Praise was the theme of Fath’s most recent update. At the Romanian Team Retreat, Kelly was able to visit the property on which the Romanian Ministry Center is being built. It will be used to coordinate outreach in the country, especially the work of the Church Ministries Institute. In Ukraine, God is blessing the work of the Pregnancy Care Center and Choose Life in Odessa. And, the ABWE team in Hungary is growing, with the appointment of two missionaries this year. Pray for the graduates of the University of Divine Grace in Moldova where Kelly will be speaking at Commencement services this weekend. Ask God to bless these Muslim Background Believers as they go out to minister in communities where they will be met with hostility.
Vissers are also sending out graduates from the Bible Institute in La Grange. They are praying for these men and women taking up positions in Baptist churches or as missionaries in France and French-speaking countries around the world. Pray for the young people applying to begin studies at the Institute in the fall, and pray for the older men and women who come for short-term studies to enrich their lives and ministries.
The summer months at the Institute are usually spent in building onto or maintaining the facilities. They always welcome volunteers to help. Pray for their church plant in Luxembourg City and for the progress of the translation of the Old Testament into the Luxembourgish language.




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