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Doug is off to East Africa in November to teach a module to South Sudan refugees in Uganda. Doug says, “This is the group we call the “School in Exile…South Sudanese refugees coming from camps in the Congo and Uganda…and from the interior bush areas of South Sudan where many have fled for refuge as Internal Displaced People living off the land in extreme conditions…” as the civil war rages on. According to Doug, there has been a drastic increase in interest in Tri-M training since the war forced so many out of their homes. This has put more demands on Christian leaders and increased the need for Doug’s involvement. Pray for godly relationships to be built with a new group of pastors and leaders just starting their training. Pray also for Sudanese Co-leader, Pastor Tom, suffering from serious heart problems and not able to teach this time. Pray for Doug as he carries the entire teaching load this time, assisting these students to learn to teach the Word to people hurting physically and spiritually and planting churches in refugee camps.
Credo Baptist, the church Billingtons work with, had their annual church camp last weekend. Though they were forced by inclement weather to stay indoors, Jill says they worshiped, learned truths from the Word, played games, had deep talks, and worked in the kitchen together. This week, Mark and Jill will host their annual hot dog party around their fire pit for Halloween. They invite the neighborhood to stop by and get to know one another. “We love how this builds a better community and how relationships are strengthened,” Jill says. “Pray that we will shine brightly by our words and action, and pray for connections to be made between neighbors…and that God would be made visible.” Thank God that the Credo ll church-plant team is growing. This team meets regularly to pray and discuss plans for planting a neighborhood “missional” community.
Churches across Indiana and Michigan are gathering food, paper products, cleaning supplies and gift cards for the annual BCH Food Shower. These gifts help feed BCH children and staff all year long. Pray for a bountiful harvest, thanking God for his faithful provision. Newborn, Jeremiah, has arrived on the doorstep of the BCH-affiliated home in Liberia. His mother died giving birth and no one in his village wants him because they believe such a child brings bad luck. But he will grow up cared for, educated and loved, and most importantly, learning that God loves him. Two siblings from Utah are looking for a home in the Elkhart, IN, home. Ask God to answer prayer for a waiver from the State to allow them admission here where they can get the care and love they need. Thank God for BCH’s staff and host families who often deal with difficult, heart-wrenching situations to make sure the knowledge of God’s love reaches hurting children.



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Harry’s had a busy spring and early summer visiting ABWE fields in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Bangladesh.He taught classes in chronological evangelism, met with missionaries and national leaders and gathered information helpful to future workers. He’s pleased to report that Memorial Christian Hospital in BD has received two million dollars to expand the facility, but needs about $850,000 more to complete the project and more doctors and nurses. Now he and Jan are in the thick of ABWE summer training programs for candidates, enrichment courses for furloughing missionaries and then, back to BD for Harry to give the missionaries the security training required by the US State Department, while Jan helps develop seminar materials for Heart, Mind, Soul sessions for communities churches want to reach.
“God is adding people to our little (Credo) congregation,” Billington’s write. Two more families have joined their “missional community”, the daughter church Mark and Jill and some of the Credo people are planting, bringing those involved in the missional community to 26. These include Ben, one of the elders in the Credo church, Angelique, leader of the Credo women’s ministry, and Olivier, who works with the youth. They meet every three weeks to plan and pray and have hosted block parties (something the city of Quebec encourages) to meet and reach out to new people. They ask us to pray that they will be bold in sharing the gospel and offering true compassion.
Jon Beight, Director, reports that the first three camps in June were 97% full and July will be even better at 98% of capacity. The staff are excited about the number of campers they are able to minister to each summer. So far, they have recorded 36 salvations with scores of spiritual growth decisions. Speakers are using the Book of James with its practical points of application to challenge and encourage campers. Onthe financial side, the Board is moving ahead with their Legacy TLC campaign for building programs. So far, 25%, or $300,000 has been raised and Jon says the Board is looking forward to seeing how God will provide the rest. “Continue to pray for the summer staff for strength and stamina, both physical and spiritual, along with patience and compassion for those to whom we minister.”


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Steve and Mea continue to grapple with extreme summer heat in southern Arizona. They find they have to adapt to the kind of routine the Tohono O’Odham adopt in midsummer, much as we would in Indiana in midwinter. Events are scheduled around weather conditions. They are praying for and encouraging Greg and Vanessa Narcho, two fairly new Christians they’ve been trying to disciple. Greg is facing a prison term for a felony committed in his pre-Christ days and is very depressed. Pray with Browns as they try to encourage Greg, trusting God that his sentence can be completed in a prison near enough for them and his family to visit regularly. Pray for Myla and Anthony who continue in Bible study with Browns. Pray for Mea’s two nieces, Savannah and Olivia, whom they were fostering temporarily. They have returned to their mother in OK and Steve, Mea and CJ are missing them.
Mark and Jill will be reporting on their Quebec church planting ministry in Life Groups at WBC next Sunday (7/16). With ABWE colleagues, they planted Credo Baptist Church some 10 or more years ago. The church recently voted to call its first local pastor, a Credo member, trained for leadership by Mark and his ABWE teammate. Billingtons are now praying about planting a daughter church and have been working on their vision with interested Credo members for a ‘missional community’, a community gathering place
where Christians offer practical services to the neighborhood as a demonstration of Christ’s love. They have their eye on a densely populated neighborhood of immigrants and will be sharing on the progress of this ministry on Sunday.
Geurinks have served in a variety of ministries in the province of Amazonas for almost 20 years. They’ve been in camp ministry, church planting and developing among the Ticuna, airplane outreach to unreached
tribal groups and, latterly, organizing the translation of Scripture into the languages of unreached tribal groups in cooperation with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Now they are stepping back from ministry on the Amazon to spend several years stateside. Their four children were adopted in Brazil and the two oldest are reaching college age. Michael and Katrina want, with our prayer support, to concentrate on this phase of their parenting responsibilities. Ask God to keep them trusting in his guidance and to find new avenues of service during their ‘missionary associate’ period.




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