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As their pastor husbands finished off the last three courses of their last Tri-M module, Cheryl and her colleagues led the wives in 24 hours of Bible study and training. These women had never met each other before (their churches are few and far between in Mongolia), but after the conclusion of their study together they were sisters and supporters of each other in prayer. The men have had three years of training with Doug and Ron Berrus and were graduating. Doug says he’ll miss these pastors sorely, but he “rejoiced at the visible accomplishments of the men and their acquired skill in handling the entire Scriptures. Practical outworking in local congregations was reported by each student…”  A third group of pastors will begin studying in April and a fourth in 2018.  “Let the Word be multiplied!” Thank God that the accurate handling of the Word of God is building up local congregations in Mongolia. Ask God to prepare the hearts of the next group to begin studying.
The missionaries, pastors and people of the church plants WBC supports around the world are preparing their programs and outreaches for the Easter season. These churches include: Credo Baptist Church, pastored by Mark and Jill Billington, Ste-Foy, Quebec, Canada; New Life Baptist Church, pastored by Sam and Jamie Hornbrook, Mexico City, Mexico; Refuge Baptist Church, Phil and Martha Bloomer, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Luxembourg City church, pastored by Rich and Karyn Visser; Faith Baptist Church, pastored by Rich and Catherine Rich, Saku City, Nagano, Japan; One Redeemer and Melrose Park church plants which Al and Tara Mayhak are helping build up near Sydney, Australia; Jared and Alyssa Raker, a beginning church plant in Asia Minor; Steve and Mea Brown taking their first steps in church planting among the Toho O’odham, Tucson, Arizona. Ask God to bring the sharing of the gospel home to needy hearts as these missionaries preach the Word this Easter season.
Michael and Katrina Geurink are using another avenue of outreach to get the Word of God to unreached people groups on the upper Amazon. They are working with local Christians to translate Scriptures into some 200 languages, striving to accomplish this task within the next nine years. Though missionaries are discouraged from contact with these unreached peoples, individuals have come out into the modern world, accepted Christ, learned to read and study the Bible and can now take the gospel back to their own people. Praise God that every people in every tongue will hear of salvation in Christ as missionaries and their supporters work faithfully to preach the Word.




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