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The Bloomer children and Martha are back at school, Martha teaching kindergarten again and Phil coaching Junior High Basketball. Phil says ministry at Refuge Baptist Church has picked up. He and Pastor Dalvino had the opportunity to meet with two men who professed Christ and want to get more involved in church life. They are Samuel and Jose. Phil has encouraged them to join his men’s leadership class. Phil taught Sunday school and preached this last weekend while Pastor Dalvino prepared for a trip to Canada to share his ministry in Brazil with a supporting church. Pastor Dalvino will be retiring later this year and the church is looking for a man to replace him. Pray that the congregation will recognize God’s choice of pastor for them and pray for the new people coming to church that they’ll contribute in a meaningful way to the spiritual life of the church. Thank God for the growth in numbers and in leadership in the congregation.
Faths are praising God that they’ve been blessed with eight new, long-term CEEMed teammates. One family is going to Moldova, a second to the Czech Republic and four missionaries who’ve served on short-term stints are returning to Kosovo and Hungary. The team in Kosovo is praying for the follow-up to numerous summer camps, planning for church plants, a cafe/art gallery outreach in a major city, and the teachers beginning a new semester at Kosovo Leadership Academy. Kelly says the school needs a science teacher as soon as possible for the new school year. Kelly will be participating in board meetings and team retreats on various fields in August. He will help missionaries with planning and team development. Pray God will use these missionaries to firmly implant the gospel in Eastern Europe and grow churches with hearts for outreach.
Browns have been studying the Gospel of John with Anthony and Myla for many weeks. When they asked the couple where they stood in relationship to Christ, both professed to be believers, confessing Christ as Savior. “We are praising God for His mercy in their lives,” Steve says. They still have struggles with past belief practices, but Steve and Mea have been showing them from Scripture how to overcome these challenges. Anthony and Myla helped with the planning and execution of a barbecue at Browns’ home which 45 or more from the reservation attended. Everyone brought food, some also brought instruments for a traditional sing-song and the fellowship went on for seven hours! Browns are praising God for this opportunity to show Christian love and friendship with many who have never been in a white American home. They are trusting God for new relationships from this event and future ones which are already being planned. Pray for Greg and Vanessa Narcho and the challenges they face. Ask God to bless the Sunday services on the reservation with 20-40 kids and many adults. And, ask God to bless Logan (college freshman) and CJ (5th grade) as they begin their new school year.


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Phil and Jack are making a short visit to Danville on family matters and will be leaving for Sao Paulo on Wednesday, July 5. Phil asked us to pray with him and Martha about some ministry challenges. Pastor Dalvino of Refuge Baptist Church is transitioning into semi-retirement and the church will need a new pastor by the end of this year. Phil is trusting that the transition process moves smoothly as he wants to give more of his time to representing the Maranatha Missions Ministry in Sao Paulo, recruiting Brazilian Christians for missionary service. He is giving leadership classes for half-a-dozen men in the church using Moses and David as leadership models. He says economic conditions in Brazil are at a low ebb leading a number of students to drop out of seminary because they don’t have the funds to finish their courses. Also, he says pastors are finding interest in spiritual things waning. People don’t want to listen to gospel witness in their homes or on the street. Pray about a number of changes in ABWE missionary staffing in Sao Paulo which may take teammates off the field for some time.

Al and Tara are praising God for the new families attending the One Redeemer Church since its move to a community center; for the public launch of Life Church in Marsden Park and its growth in attendance in its first couple of months; for a new church, nameless as yet, launching July 2, in Auburn, a densely populated Muslim community. Mayhaks are involved in helping in the ministries of all three of these churches. They are also happy to see the revival of a fourth church, Belmont Bible Fellowship, where they hope to help in outreach ministries as well as pulpit supply. During the week, they continue teaching Scripture in public schools and have been encouraged by the interest of some students. Al is in prayer for Clive, his teaching assistant, who is growing in his ability to teach and lead a Scripture class. He may be able to take over Al’s position as teacher when Al is on furlough. Thank God with Mayhaks for his faithfulness in planting these new congregations and pray that the gospel will impact each of their communities.
Doug trained pastors in South Sudan long before it split from Sudan into a separate country in 2011, using the 2 Timothy 2:2 model, “…training faithful men who could in turn train others.” The mobile, modular system of teaching in one and two week periods using translated materials that pastors could take home and put to use immediately in congregations and share with other pastors worked well. Now, these pastors, who, with their congregations, have been forced into refugee camps by the horrifying civil war in their country, are planting churches in their camps, winning people to Christ, discipling them and preparing them for the day when they can take their faith and training home to plant churches once again in South Sudan. Doug says, “I wish I could share all the stories of how student/pastors are ministering in that (refugee camp) environment, forming fellowship groups to deal with issues from a biblical perspective to staring new churches based on Biblical standards.” Thank God that His Word overcomes all obstacles.


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Kent and Kelly began their ministry in the Philippines more than 30 years ago. Now, they have the privilege of working with PABWE, the Philippine Association of Baptists for World Evangelism which was established 60 years ago. Kent writes, “We rejoice in the stories about PABWE missionary ministries that we hear–accounts of Asians redeemed by God’s grace and discipled from the majority religions, churches planted and Christian leaders and workers trained.” This indigenous missions movement has been sustained by local Philippine churches mainly in Thailand and Cambodia. A third, or granddaughter, missions movement has been “birthed” in Thailand and Craigs see great potential for expansion for these agencies through new recruits, new initiatives and new targets for hearing the gospel.
Don Whipple, Executive Director, reports, “These are busy days at Bethesda Outreach! Teams and interns are coming and going. Our school classrooms are full of students…We are having our annual Fun Run event to grow our connections within our community.” BOM held the first Orphan Care seminar for area churches and individuals at a church in Pretoria and are praying that these churches will understand how God wants them involved in orphan care and will respond with courage. Pray with Bethesda staff as they plan a new water system for the orphan village and refine plans for community homes. Most of all, pray the 43 children in care will see and know God’s great love for them and that the house parents will experience God’s enabling grace.
Bloomers, along with the congregation of Refuge Baptist Church, are excited about a new family who are coming to church. They have jumped in with both feet, Phil says, and started serving. The church is averaging 40 attendees each week with a spike on Mother’s Day when 60 came in response to neighborhood invites. Phil has a core group of four men in his Leadership Class who are obviously growing. They’ll be studying the life of David as a leader next. Pray for Fernando, Beto, Isaque and Danilo as they learn to lead the congregation. Pray for Phil as he takes his part in the preaching rotation and brings the message on June 4. Thank God for the opportunities he has to share with pastors and churches, through Maranatha Mission Ministry, the opportunities there are for Brazilians to take the gospel worldwide.


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Bloomers write that ministry is in full swing and Philip is a few weeks into the leadership training for men at
Refuge Baptist Church. He says the men are studying the lives of Bible leaders and it has been encouraging for Philip as well as his students. Pray that the men will be more consistent in attending class. Philip is also part of the preaching rotation at RFB and is happy to report attendance of almost 40 at services. Martha is teaching in the children’s Sunday School. Bloomers have been talking with pastors about next steps in mobilizing Brazilian Christians for missionary service. Phil’s asking for opportunities to share opportunities for both long-term and short-term service. Pray with them as they schedule dates in churches and prepare to stir up response in congregations.
Attendance has been strong at Omega Baptist Church, Robert says, with 150 at services recently. The Saturday evening student ministry ranges between 50 and 75 even during the Easter vacation. Robert is completing the 300 youth Bible studies planned for Against the Current and working on new Team Challenges, evangelism projects and youth discipleship as the AC program expands to other churches in the city. Pray for growth in the spiritual lives of students studying the Bible with Cupps and for continuing growth in numbers. Pray with Cupps for the many Peruvians affected by devasting floods.
Pastor Dwayne Llewellyn shared with C2C Director Doug Whicker requests that prayer participants at WBC can use in their weekly intercession. Pray for the youth football camp, April 18-22, that God will prepare the hearts of the students to receive his Word and respond to it; for victory over the enemy’s schemes; for a great revival; and for God to be glorified. Pray for the staff and Pastor Ronald Webster as they prepare themselves to minister at the camp. Pray for Pastor Dwayne as he continues to work on the title of the church property. He has contacted a lawyer for help and is asking God for wisdom and perseverance through the whole process. Pray for those of the Mt Stewart congregation who are suffering illness and loss of family. A large number from the congregation came to the altar on Easter Sunday in response to the message. Pray for the needs represented among them.




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