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Rich celebrated his 75th birthday Sunday (9/24), praising God as he taught the adult Sunday School class on Paul and Prayer, preached on the Lord’s Supper in the morning service, and on the love of the brethren in Philippians in the 3:00 p.m. Christian life service. A couple of days later, God took him home after an infection overwhelmed his body. Rich and Catherine had been in ministry 56 years, mostly in Japan, and were building up their second church plant. Rich exemplified Paul’s statement that “I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means, I might save some.” (1 Cor. 9:22). He never missed an opportunity to share the good news of salvation. Richs’ daughter April and her husband, Michael Riffle, have been working alongside Rich and Catherine for some years now and a second couple are raising support to join them. Thank God for the impact Rich’s ministry has made on so many lives and ask Him to continue to bless the work of bringing Japanese people to Christ.
Gary is on St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands assessing needs for ABWE after two hurricanes, Irma and Maria, ravaged the island. ABWE will be partnering with Bluewater Bible College and several local churches, who’ve sustained damage themselves, to raise funds and help alleviate immediate physical needs. Gary says the Bible College was spared enough that it is able to house church families who have lost homes and belongings. ABWE has set up a “Hurricane Relief Fund” for the Caribbean. The link is: . Gary was able to preach at Grace Baptist Church Sunday and is busy with an encouragement ministry till he flies out on a commercial flight Friday night. Pray this flight isn’t canceled as so many have been as he needs to be home for the CCAM Regional Conference on October 8.
Steve and Mea have an exciting opportunity to meet people and share the gospel this Wednesday, October 4. Many of the TO participate in “The Walk” from their villages spread out all over the reservation to Magdalena, Mexico. There is a statue of St. Francis Xavier at the Magdalena Catholic Church where they offer homage, many walking more than 50 miles to participate. Pray with Browns that they will have many opportunities to share the good news of Christ’s salvation. They want to see the O’odham “walking in the light of the gospel”. The “Walk”, Browns write, is so intricately woven into the upbringing and culture of the natives that Christians have difficulty explaining to unsaved family members why they can’t be part of this and other religious practices. Their friend, Myla, who studies the Bible with them weekly, has decided to walk and pray for herself, her family and her people. Browns say O’odham Christians need prayer to stand up for the truth of God’s Word.


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Rich and Cherry will be leaving for Antigua, Guatemala, in a month, August 19. They have found an apartment, screened Spanish language schools and teachers, and met missionaries from other agencies. They will begin their year-long study of Spanish as soon as they arrive and during this year of language and culture adjustment, they will be assessing ministry opportunities they can begin in mid-2018. They have completed their final assignment with the WBC Youth, participating in the week-long trip to West Virginia with 75 high schoolers, learning as they taught young people, what it means to put faith into practice.
“It’s easy to say you trust the harness and the rope (in rappelling),” says Rich, “but quite a bit harder to take the first step out over the ledge..we’ve found it easy to say/believe we trust in God…following His direction and letting go of our own plans has been tough, but so worth it!” Pray with them about all the adjustments that lie ahead of them and about continuing to trust in God’s good planning and direction in their lives.
Crawfords are praising God for a fruitful trip leading an Indiana church missions team to Jamaica. Gary says God definitely used the youth and leaders from The Church@Main to share the gospel and ‘shine His light’ in that needy society. Gary was also able tomeet twice with leaders of the Association of Independent Baptist Churches while in Jamaica, discussing the need to reach the ‘unreached’ people groups of the Caribbean as well as methods missionaries could use to best meet the spiritual needs of these groups.  Now, they are preparing for CCAM’s Regional Conference in October; helping pre-field missionaries raise support; and participating in the encouragement and spiritual refreshment of furloughing missionaries at the Missionary Enrichment Conference at ABWE headquarters. They are praying about a $280 per month deficit in their own support. They are trusting God to provide.
Richs are praising God for all the new people coming to Faith Baptist Church in Saku City. During a recent morning service, Rich preached about the necessity of going out into the highways and hedges to compel people to come in. Almost all of the congregation came forward at the end of the message to commit themselves to be more faithful in sharing the gospel. That afternoon, at choir practice, the Okada family looked in to check out the church after seeing the FBC website. They responded to the invitation to come to services and are now attending regularly and coming to membership classes. The English classes attracted another woman and she now calls FBC her church home. All these people and others need Bible study and discipleship classes so they will grow, Rich says. They are planning their annual August 15 Fireworks and Barbecue Evangelistic Outreach which they host in their backyard. They already know of two neighborhood families who’ll be attending. Ask God to make Rich’s short message at this event one that will impact spiritually ready hearts. Keep praying for old friends who’ve heard the message but are unresponsive.


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The C2C team, headed by Doug Whicker, held a planning meeting last week to consider ongoing cooperation and programs. This strategic partnership began in 2011 with the Mt. Stewart Baptist Church and community in Jamaica being the focus of many WBC programs and mission trips. Ben Crawford, Kyle Fox and Evan Johnson spent time working with Pastor Dwayne and the believers at Mt. Stewart. VBS and  discipleship courses have been held, community home improvement projects completed, and a micro-loan program instituted. Plans are now underway to plan more focused discipleship training with Mt. Stewart while looking further afield at similar partnerships in other countries.  Pray for a close and productive partnership between our two congregations resulting in spiritual growth in both. Pray also about the violence in the Mt. Stewart community and Pastor Dwayne and Arlene as they cope with the aftermath.
Kelly and Sherri are in Bulgaria this week where a new ABWE team is church planting, encouraging the missionaries and preaching for the nucleus of their church plant.  From there, Kelly will visit Kosovo to meet with teammates, lead their quarterly leadership meeting, and survey the Kosovo Leadership Academy Phase 2 construction project.  Kelly asks us to pray for more teachers for the academy and an additional $1M for this ministry of offering Christian education for local children and young people.  He is also helping the Regional Directors of Western Europe and the Middle East/North Africa teams organize a joint leadership conference for mid-April.  Faths are looking forward to the birth of their son in mid to late May.  Ask God to keep Sherri healthy.
Richs are continuing to pursue their goal of making the joy of the Lord their strength in 2017, for themselves and their congregation, Faith Baptist.  They celebrated Valentine’s Day by emphasizing God’s great love and at Easter they plan to share God’s great victory.  In early May, they’ll host an early morning breakfast for congregation and unsaved friends and family to view Saku City’s Hot Air Balloon Festival from their back yard.  Though it’s a social time, Richs use the opportunity to share the good news.  Pray for the friends, neighbors and hospital staff Richs are “pursuing” with the message of God’s love.  Pray for their weekly evangelistic outreaches distributing Gospels of John and invitations to church services and special events.





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