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The men’s and ladies’ Bible studies at Nueva Vida en Cristo, starting with breakfast before ‘digging into the Word’, have resulted in people from the community growing in their faithfulness in church attendance. Praise God! Another new ministry is using tutoring as an outreach. Hornbrooks will offer help four hours a day Monday through Thursday. They also plan on teaching English classes during the school year starting in August. “The Biblical Counseling Movement in Mexico is exploding,” Hornbrooks write. Sam teaches and trains pastors in both Mexico and throughout Latin America. Nueva Vida is expanding its own counseling ministry as well, knowing the big need for biblical counseling in their church and in the surrounding community. Pray God will use this ministry to change people’s lives and ‘grow’ the church.
Praise was the theme of Fath’s most recent update. At the Romanian Team Retreat, Kelly was able to visit the property on which the Romanian Ministry Center is being built. It will be used to coordinate outreach in the country, especially the work of the Church Ministries Institute. In Ukraine, God is blessing the work of the Pregnancy Care Center and Choose Life in Odessa. And, the ABWE team in Hungary is growing, with the appointment of two missionaries this year. Pray for the graduates of the University of Divine Grace in Moldova where Kelly will be speaking at Commencement services this weekend. Ask God to bless these Muslim Background Believers as they go out to minister in communities where they will be met with hostility.
Vissers are also sending out graduates from the Bible Institute in La Grange. They are praying for these men and women taking up positions in Baptist churches or as missionaries in France and French-speaking countries around the world. Pray for the young people applying to begin studies at the Institute in the fall, and pray for the older men and women who come for short-term studies to enrich their lives and ministries.
The summer months at the Institute are usually spent in building onto or maintaining the facilities. They always welcome volunteers to help. Pray for their church plant in Luxembourg City and for the progress of the translation of the Old Testament into the Luxembourgish language.


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“Thank you for praying for two recent church planting events. Both yielded encouraging results,” writes Tara.
The official opening service for Life Church in Marsden Park was well attended with many genuine visitors looking for a church home. Every Sunday in April, visitors have returned and some have decided to settle in. The attendance at the church has doubled since the church opened. One Redeemer Church in North Richmond is also attracting visitors, though not as many as Life Church. The staff is encouraged but praying for more growth. Some outreaches Mayhak and church staff are using include mailbox flyers, personal invitations, website information and bi-weekly “door knocking”. Al and Tara presented the death and resurrection in their public school Scripture classes around Easter and were allowed to give an invitation to the class as a whole (though not to individual students). Pray the Holy Spirit will be at work in children’s hearts drawing some to make a decision for Christ.
What does church planting look like in Mexico City? Hornbrooks and their pastoral staff keep the congregation busy with activities and outreaches to draw in visitors from the densely populated community in which their new facility stands. The men of New Life in Christ Baptist Church meet together for a Breakfast and Work Day to do maintenance on their building and to study God’s Word so they can “lead their families”. The young people, under their creative youth pastor, have ministered at a nearby orphanage, sharing testimonies and playing games. The young people also have a mime team which performs at church and special events. Kids’ Day on May 1 drew in 110 to hear the Kids’ Choir perform. And, on May 6, the ladies hosted a Mother-Daughter Breakfast at which 65 attendees heard of God’s love for them. Pray for a congregation growing in their knowledge of and love for God and witnessing to their neighbors.
Harry and Jan oversee the work of teammates in the Muslim countries of South Asia. They challenge American Christians to consider what God is doing in Muslim countries; how to measure success in winning converts; and, how to answer the question, “Is it a waste of missionaries’ time and money to evangelize Muslims?” God is doing something big in the Muslim world, Harry says. In the last 40 years, more Muslims have accepted Jesus Christ than in all of Muslim history (which dates back to 622 A.D.). When you read of 1,000 believers being baptized, he points out, you must realize that that figure represents 20,000 believers as Muslims are slow to take the public step of following Christ in baptism. Harry and Jan strive, among their other responsibilities, to recruit new missionaries for Muslim countries. Pray that Christians will understand the importance of loving and winning a major portion of the world’s population.


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Teams visiting Bethesda play a vital role in helping staff and kids at many levels. They get to know the Bethesda campus residents, eating with them, playing with them and teaching them. BOM also shows them other child care ministries in the area to help them understand the scope of the problem in Southern Africa and what ministry approaches they can apply to the problems of orphans there and in other parts of the world. The goal in inviting teams to Bethesda is to inspire and motivate them to action in their local communities based on the learning they’ve done in South Africa. A Purdue team of Fellowship of Christian Athletes men recently applied their brawn to a special project–digging a very long, deep trench to replace old and leaky waterlines. It was a job well done and the new waterline works perfectly. The team also challenged the kids to know and love God better. Thank God for the teams who lovingly give their time and expertise to help BOM. Ask God to plant seeds in the hearts of team members to serve Him with their talents.
Jon Beight writes that “…nothing makes a greater difference in a child or teen’s life than summer camp.”
He says that “spiritual goals are reached as we intentionally teach God’s Word” through activities and through chapels and group devotions. Social skills and a healthy sense of independence are learned through the caring guidance of counselors and camp staff and confidence in self and God come through adventure activities. The staff have been busy in the past month recruiting campers and counselors. As of April 1st, camp registrations are up 40% from last year with more boys registered this year than girls. Retreats and outdoor education activities are filling up April weekends and Jan Tate, the new maintenance director, with the help of volunteers, is getting roofs on two new camp residences, putting railings and benches on the lower bridge and generally sprucing up the facilities. Ask God to prepare hearts in counselors and campers for what He has for them to learn this camping season.
Sam and Jamie, who planted Nueva Vida (New Life) Baptist Church, recently guided the congregation through the process of buying and renovating its own facility. They are preparing the Easter weekend for outreach in the densely populated community that surrounds their church. Choir music and special messages will bring the gospel message to visitors who come to share in rejoicing in the resurrection of the Savior. Pray that the programs offered this weekend will powerfully impact those who hear the message of Easter.




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