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Summer is in full swing, Steve writes, and the extreme heat here means adjusting summer schedules to match the cultural practices. Anything done outside usually happens before 10:00 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m. Steve continues to teach through the Gospel of John with Myla and Anthony on Friday evenings in Browns’ home. In return, he and Mea are learning to make traditional Native American bread. Sunday, they were invited to a traditional native Father’s Day celebration in the village of San Quaguine. Pray that the presentation of the gospel at this event will bear fruit in prepared hearts accepting Christ. Church on the reservation is still going strong in spite of the heat. About forty children attend regularly with a sprinkling of adults. Once the meeting room fills up, the heat is intense and Mea has had bouts of heat exhaustion, though she recovers quickly. Pray for Greg and Vanessa Narcho. Greg is depressed because his arraignment and sentencing on a gun charge has been delayed again. Chad Taylor, a good friend, is in hospital with severe heat exhaustion. Ask God to help Browns adjust to the extreme heat so their ministry is not hindered.
Bethesda Outreach Ministries is celebrating what God is doing at the orphan village in a series of open houses at supporting churches in the U.S. This Friday, June 23, the Bethesda team will be at West Bridge, Danville, at 6:30 p.m. Featured at the Open House will be Johanna Ngwenya, one of the first children to grow up in a Bethesda home and now a teacher at Jabulani Academy, the Christian school at the village. Director Don Whipple and staff members will be sharing God’s faithfulness and provision in the orphan ministry in the years it’s been open. Come for fun and information, ready to ask questions and find out how to pray most effectively.
May at Twin Lakes was busy, writes Director Jon Beight. In addition to preparations for the summer camping season, the staff was serving schools and churches at retreats and outdoor activities almost every day in the month. The Board met to work through some strategic planning, “helping to set vision for the direction of the camp between now and 2025”. Another highlight from the month was an approach from an area high school to host Baccalaureate services for graduating classes. Jon stressed the fact that he would preach the gospel and challenge students and parents from God’s Word at these services and the school counselor responded, “That’s exactly what I was expecting.” Pray Jon’s gospel presentation will take root in hearers’ hearts. Counselors arrived at the end of May ready to take up their ministries and blessing the staff with testimonies of how God is working in their lives and how they trust God to use them this summer.


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Mea says she and Steve are working hard at building relationships with the Tohono O’odham. They are meeting with natives several days a week, one couple in particular, being open to hearing the gospel and attending a weekly Bible study. Two families have had lengthy visits with Browns, staying in the travel trailer on their property where they could spend time in discipleship classes with Browns. Steve has had positive responses from a tribal council member who is excited about the mechanics classes he could offer. This offer may have been helped by the assistance Steve gave an elderly native couple whose truck broke down late one night in the reservation. Steve worked with Border Patrol and the TO police to get the couple to a safe place and Steve took the truck home to repair. “Currently,” Mea writes, “our biggest need is support. We spent some time in California in March…sharing the ministry with individuals and two pastors. We’ll be traveling in May presenting the ministry.” They plan to be at WBC in May as well.
Faths are focusing our attention on Greece in their letter this month. The ABWE teammates working there,
Mark and Diane, are having problems obtaining long-term residency permits even though they’re meeting all stated requirements. They will participate again this summer in the Operation Joshua Bible distribution project and will help with the follow-up leadership training. Fewer than 1% of Greeks are born-again Christians and Bible reading is not common practice, partly because there is a scarcity of modern-language Greek Bibles. Pray for the establishment of Bible-preaching churches in Greece and wide-spread Bible distribution this summer. Ask God to intervene in residency permit applications for the missionaries. Pray also for the team in Romania as they evaluate their ministries and plan for the future.
Craigs spent time with their East Asia team at their regional conference held in the Philippines. “It was a productive week,” Kent reports, “…updating our team vision and purpose statements, and developing new strategies to meet needs.” The team spent time in brainstorming about visa challenges and discussions of projects to help local fellowships disciple believers, build leaders and plant reproducing churches. They want to help local believers develop a heart for unreached people groups by sending workers. Pray this team will trust in God’s power to overcome the challenges they face in this largest of Asia’s countries. Pray for the local pastors and congregations they partner with as they spread the Word of God among their countrymen.


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Rich and Cherry aim to be in San Jose, Costa Rica, by August/September of this year. After a year studying Spanish, they will join the church plant team using their particular gifts in youth work and Bible study.  Cherry writes, “We are thanking God for a total of 19 support partners to date, putting us at 56% of our needed support.  We are thankful for all we are learning in this prefield process, the required ABWE and WBC course work but mostly that we can trust in God’s timing and provision and knowing that His plans for us are so much better than our own.  We are grateful for the support of God’s people who keep us encouraged and covered in prayer.  Please continue to pray that we’ll be used by God to spread a passion for the gospel and mission work as we continue seeking partners to help us reach full funding…”  Smiths are trusting God for 85% of their support so they can attend ABWE training classes in Harrisburg, PA, in April.
Sunday, February 5, was a big day for Refuge Baptist Church where Bloomers are part of the church development team.  Phil says, “We will celebrate communion, share a fellowship meal and have a yearly meeting.”  This was not the usual annual business meeting.  It was called to introduce a transition in the leadership of the church.  Pastor Dalvino, who planted the church, announced his plans to retire at the end of this year.  Phil says the church is in critical need of well-equipped men to be servant leaders.  He led a meeting last week for eight men who want to be part of this leadership plan.  “We hope to start training by the end of the month and are excited to see these men grow and lead,” he says.  Pray God will strengthen and grow Refuge Baptist Church through this transition period.
Mea writes, “Our first week back was pretty full.  We moved from the camper into the house.  Praise the Lord!”  (They were offered a roomy house about one and a half miles from the Faith Baptist Mission compound for a reasonable rent which they have paid up through May.)  “We have continued our outreach and have visitation appointments (on the reservation) several days next week.  We are also firming up plans for a California trip for support raising.”  Browns are asking us to pray specially for a little girl named Precious.  She attends the Sunday Kids’ Club faithfully.  In fact, Mea says, “she’s our little shadow”.  Precious lives with her grandmother because her mother is in jail.  Last year, her 12-year-old sister died of alcohol poisoning and last week, her 18-year-old brother was shot and killed.  Pray with Browns that they can minister to Precious and her family in a way that pleases and honors the Lord during this difficult time.  Also, pray for her salvation.  Pray that God will supply their support needs.  Rent and travel funds are a priority.




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