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Steve and Mea have been severely tested this week as their daughter, Logan, underwent surgery. Logan lives with Steve’s uncle and aunt in California where she attends college. She had a minor, outpatient surgery Tuesday which resulted in a dangerous allergic reaction to the anesthetic. Browns were preparing to fly to CA to be with her, but her condition stabilized and Steve’s uncle suggested he and the aunt drive her home to AZ for Thanksgiving. Complicating this health issue, Logan is losing hearing in one ear and can’t fly because of the effects of cabin pressure. Pray with Browns for Logan’s complete recovery, her hearing situation and whether she should take a semester off school to sort out these issues. Pray with Browns as they consider moving to the town of Tubac, much closer to their ‘field of operations’ in the eastern section of the T-O reservation. Also, CJ is enduring a bout of flu.
Every letter from Vissers gives a quick look at their many ministries. The main one is teaching at and administering the Baptist French Pastoral Bible Institute in Lagrange. They are finally reaching the end of renovations to their facility, praise God! Karyn taught a course on Women’s Ministries to women from local churches last week and during the course was able to lead one of the women, uncertain of her salvation, to faith in Jesus. They have been encouraging members of their Luxembourg City church plant to witness to friends, family and neighbors and, “they’re starting to do that, with mixed results, of course”. They’ve scheduled a special Christmas program in December and are asking God for a good attendance of those who need to hear the gospel. They’ll also be distributing a Daily Bread-type calendar and pray for responses from recipients. Thank God for Vissers’ faithfulness in all the ministries they undertake. Ask God to bless their efforts.
Harry adds more information to the paragraph two weeks ago. He says Memorial Christian Hospital patient load is now one-in-three Rohingya from Myanmar. A temporary facility has been set up next to the main facility to add more beds. Short-term staff are coming and going, organized by Samaritan’s Purse, all needing to be housed, fed and oriented. The MCH team, responding to these brutalized refugees say, “We’ve prayed for this people group for years…no way, no truth, no life among them, and we couldn’t get permissions to enter their refugee camps. We’ve tried mobile clinics and a non-formal education center on the outskirts. We’ve prayed. We’ve watched.” “And now,” says Harry, “they are coming to us, camped on our compound in desperate need.” Pray the hospital staff and local Christians can make the most of this opportunity for God’s glory.



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Faths will be spending this weekend with their ABWE teammates in Hungary at their annual team retreat.
These retreats are for spiritual fellowship and encouragement as well as ministry business and planning.
They’ll be with the Romania team in November for the same purpose and they met with their missionaries in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Kosovo in August. Kelly is gearing up for the sixth CEEMed Missions Roundtable in early November. This is a biennial event which promotes and advances national (local) missions movements. Two years ago, 60 missionaries and local pastors and Christian leaders attended. Pray with Kelly and Sherri as they direct, counsel and encourage missionaries on their Central and East European and Mediterranean fields.
Robert writes, “Now that a strong core group has been developed in the youth ministry at Omega Baptist, our next goal is to begin encouraging the youth to practice faith in action by reaching out…to share the gospel with family, friends and neighbors…The youth ministry at New Life Baptist has set an example of faith in action by regularly visiting hospitals and children’s homes to share the gospel with those who are hurting. They also are involved in regular missions trips throughout the country.” Pray with Cupps that the high school and university young people they evangelize, disciple and train will grow into responsible church members, leaders and church planters for Peru.
Steve and Mea have launched a new “gospel offensive” on the east side of the TO reservation in the San Xavier area. They have started door-to-door visitation, sharing the gospel and inviting people to Bible study. The people of the San Xavier reservation are a mix of TO and Yaqui natives and Mexicans. The population is three to four times the size of the population in the Sells area and the people are more aware of the outside world, more open to contact with whites, and better off financially because they live closer to cities along I-19 where they work. Browns are encouraged by the spiritual growth of their friends Myla and Anthony with whom they study the Bible weekly. Myla and Anthony are looking for a church home in either Casa Grande or Tucson. Mea says they are feeling the need of more teaching and the spiritual fellowship of mature believers. Pray with Browns about their new ministry direction. Ask God to lead them to hearts prepared to hear and accept the gospel. Pray also about Steve and Mea’s thinking of studying Spanish. It would give them greater acceptance among the many Mexican people they meet.


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Rich celebrated his 75th birthday Sunday (9/24), praising God as he taught the adult Sunday School class on Paul and Prayer, preached on the Lord’s Supper in the morning service, and on the love of the brethren in Philippians in the 3:00 p.m. Christian life service. A couple of days later, God took him home after an infection overwhelmed his body. Rich and Catherine had been in ministry 56 years, mostly in Japan, and were building up their second church plant. Rich exemplified Paul’s statement that “I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means, I might save some.” (1 Cor. 9:22). He never missed an opportunity to share the good news of salvation. Richs’ daughter April and her husband, Michael Riffle, have been working alongside Rich and Catherine for some years now and a second couple are raising support to join them. Thank God for the impact Rich’s ministry has made on so many lives and ask Him to continue to bless the work of bringing Japanese people to Christ.
Gary is on St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands assessing needs for ABWE after two hurricanes, Irma and Maria, ravaged the island. ABWE will be partnering with Bluewater Bible College and several local churches, who’ve sustained damage themselves, to raise funds and help alleviate immediate physical needs. Gary says the Bible College was spared enough that it is able to house church families who have lost homes and belongings. ABWE has set up a “Hurricane Relief Fund” for the Caribbean. The link is: . Gary was able to preach at Grace Baptist Church Sunday and is busy with an encouragement ministry till he flies out on a commercial flight Friday night. Pray this flight isn’t canceled as so many have been as he needs to be home for the CCAM Regional Conference on October 8.
Steve and Mea have an exciting opportunity to meet people and share the gospel this Wednesday, October 4. Many of the TO participate in “The Walk” from their villages spread out all over the reservation to Magdalena, Mexico. There is a statue of St. Francis Xavier at the Magdalena Catholic Church where they offer homage, many walking more than 50 miles to participate. Pray with Browns that they will have many opportunities to share the good news of Christ’s salvation. They want to see the O’odham “walking in the light of the gospel”. The “Walk”, Browns write, is so intricately woven into the upbringing and culture of the natives that Christians have difficulty explaining to unsaved family members why they can’t be part of this and other religious practices. Their friend, Myla, who studies the Bible with them weekly, has decided to walk and pray for herself, her family and her people. Browns say O’odham Christians need prayer to stand up for the truth of God’s Word.


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Jared and Alyssa will be back in the US later this month on a six-month furlough to attend to the medical needs of one of their family members. They will spend most of that time here in Danville, staying with Alyssa’s parents, but looking for a short-term lease. Look for them around WBC as they plan to be active in Alyssa’s home church while they’re here. Jared’s home church in Roanoke, VA, has provided them with a vehicle for the duration of their stay. Ask God to give them a good experience with medical professionals at an Indianapolis hospital, getting the help they need so they may return to ministry in Turkey with easy minds at the end of their furlough. Remember the young church plant they’re leaving, that God will bless it with strong and faithful leadership and believers who will grow in their relationship with God and be consistent witnesses.
Doug leaves this month on a teaching trip to Asia. Two pastors from supporting US churches will accompany him for a week-long module in Mongolia. They will be teaching the third group of pastors and church leaders to go through the Tri-M program since it began in Mongolia. Pray that the 25 pastors and church leaders will have victory over obstacles that may arise, e.g. travel difficulties, family problems, illness. Doug says, “We are transitioning to having at least one Mongolian leader assume teaching responsibilities for one of the three courses in each teaching module. This will begin consistently next year, so this trip…will confirm and coordinate details with the Mongolian leadership. Pray that we ill sense Jesus’ clear direction in this transition and be of the same Godly mindset.” Pray also for pastors who’ve graduated from the Tri-M courses so they’ll continue to be “creative and faithful”.
Steve and Mea are spending this weekend (9/16-17) in Albuquerque, NM, to share their ministry in Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church. The pastor told Browns he didn’t want a sermon from them, he wanted them to inspire his people with missionary vision and outline the steps to following the Lord in service. Pray that these goals will be accomplished in this congregation. Browns continue with weekly Bible study with Myla and Anthony, rotating between their home and the native couple’s on the reservation. They emphasize that the TO natives like to give as much as they get, so Steve and Mea are sensitive to this and other cultural norms they encounter as they befriend TO people. They are looking at a new area of the reservation in the east with a good population of villages and are asking their reservation friends for introductions to any family they can contact in that area. It adds more travel to their already farflung area of ministry, but they’re willing to get involved. Pray for CJ (10) who’s feeling the lack of peer fellowship and for daughter, Logan, who’s loving college and her church activities in California.




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