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The Bloomer children and Martha are back at school, Martha teaching kindergarten again and Phil coaching Junior High Basketball. Phil says ministry at Refuge Baptist Church has picked up. He and Pastor Dalvino had the opportunity to meet with two men who professed Christ and want to get more involved in church life. They are Samuel and Jose. Phil has encouraged them to join his men’s leadership class. Phil taught Sunday school and preached this last weekend while Pastor Dalvino prepared for a trip to Canada to share his ministry in Brazil with a supporting church. Pastor Dalvino will be retiring later this year and the church is looking for a man to replace him. Pray that the congregation will recognize God’s choice of pastor for them and pray for the new people coming to church that they’ll contribute in a meaningful way to the spiritual life of the church. Thank God for the growth in numbers and in leadership in the congregation.
Faths are praising God that they’ve been blessed with eight new, long-term CEEMed teammates. One family is going to Moldova, a second to the Czech Republic and four missionaries who’ve served on short-term stints are returning to Kosovo and Hungary. The team in Kosovo is praying for the follow-up to numerous summer camps, planning for church plants, a cafe/art gallery outreach in a major city, and the teachers beginning a new semester at Kosovo Leadership Academy. Kelly says the school needs a science teacher as soon as possible for the new school year. Kelly will be participating in board meetings and team retreats on various fields in August. He will help missionaries with planning and team development. Pray God will use these missionaries to firmly implant the gospel in Eastern Europe and grow churches with hearts for outreach.
Browns have been studying the Gospel of John with Anthony and Myla for many weeks. When they asked the couple where they stood in relationship to Christ, both professed to be believers, confessing Christ as Savior. “We are praising God for His mercy in their lives,” Steve says. They still have struggles with past belief practices, but Steve and Mea have been showing them from Scripture how to overcome these challenges. Anthony and Myla helped with the planning and execution of a barbecue at Browns’ home which 45 or more from the reservation attended. Everyone brought food, some also brought instruments for a traditional sing-song and the fellowship went on for seven hours! Browns are praising God for this opportunity to show Christian love and friendship with many who have never been in a white American home. They are trusting God for new relationships from this event and future ones which are already being planned. Pray for Greg and Vanessa Narcho and the challenges they face. Ask God to bless the Sunday services on the reservation with 20-40 kids and many adults. And, ask God to bless Logan (college freshman) and CJ (5th grade) as they begin their new school year.


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Geurinks write, “…for the next few years we will no longer be working directly and full time with Amazon tribes in theological education and Bible translation…At the end of August, 2017, our employment classification with Pioneers will be changing from Active to Associate status…While our hearts are still very much with the people in Brazil we have loved and worked with since February, 2000, it’s clear that for the next few critical years of our (4) kids lives…staying in the U.S. would best allow us to carry out what we’ve prayerfully determined is right for each of them…Another factor is Katrina’s health. Her struggle with fibromyalgia has intensified significantly…in the Amazon heat and humidity and has become truly debilitating…We are not resigning from Pioneers. Associate status leaves our ties with Pioneers intact and keeps our account open so we can still channel funds for ministry purposes…Thank you all again for your love and support and participation in the expansion of God’s kingdom among unreached people groups.”
Browns are learning to survive through Arizona’s monsoon season. Going from extreme dry heat, they now battle extreme heat with heavy rain, sometimes preceded by dust storms, and the high humidity that comes with it. This means constant juggling of schedules and meetings and activities with natives, because the rain washes out the roads. After each storm, Steve says, they have to drag their yard and the road past their home, or they become rutted and impassable. Taking weather into consideration, they’ve been trying to keep up weekly Bible studies with Anthony and Myla and keep up visits of encouragement with Greg and Vanessa Narcho. Greg faces arraignment and sentencing on August 8 and is very despondent (he accepted Christ while in the reservation’s jail for the same crime he’ll be sentenced for in an Arizona court). Browns planned a BBQ for 25 natives they worship with weekly at their home, weather permitting, and have been asked to teach two or three women to set up food stalls at swap meets and community flea markets, selling fair food and advertising Sunday school and services. Pray for the Narchos as Greg’s court date approaches. Ask God to widen opportunities for Browns to share the good news of the gospel.
BCH staff and administrators are praying for houseparent couples. “Our ministry depends on their care of the children so much,” President Bill Brittain writes, “More houseparents will enable us to care for more children as well as provide relief to our current houseparents.” Brittain also asks us to pray with BCH for the finances to repair extensive flood damage to the Mt. Pleasant, MI, home. Thank God for many supporters who donated bikes and helmets to kids to use this summer. Many of these bikes will be ridden in the annual BCH bike-a-thon this August. The bike-a-thon raises funds for BCH expenses. Also, pray for the children as they start back to school this month. Remember the BCH families and houseparents in Myanmar, India and Liberia where local pastors and churches run the homes.


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Steve and Mea continue to grapple with extreme summer heat in southern Arizona. They find they have to adapt to the kind of routine the Tohono O’Odham adopt in midsummer, much as we would in Indiana in midwinter. Events are scheduled around weather conditions. They are praying for and encouraging Greg and Vanessa Narcho, two fairly new Christians they’ve been trying to disciple. Greg is facing a prison term for a felony committed in his pre-Christ days and is very depressed. Pray with Browns as they try to encourage Greg, trusting God that his sentence can be completed in a prison near enough for them and his family to visit regularly. Pray for Myla and Anthony who continue in Bible study with Browns. Pray for Mea’s two nieces, Savannah and Olivia, whom they were fostering temporarily. They have returned to their mother in OK and Steve, Mea and CJ are missing them.
Mark and Jill will be reporting on their Quebec church planting ministry in Life Groups at WBC next Sunday (7/16). With ABWE colleagues, they planted Credo Baptist Church some 10 or more years ago. The church recently voted to call its first local pastor, a Credo member, trained for leadership by Mark and his ABWE teammate. Billingtons are now praying about planting a daughter church and have been working on their vision with interested Credo members for a ‘missional community’, a community gathering place
where Christians offer practical services to the neighborhood as a demonstration of Christ’s love. They have their eye on a densely populated neighborhood of immigrants and will be sharing on the progress of this ministry on Sunday.
Geurinks have served in a variety of ministries in the province of Amazonas for almost 20 years. They’ve been in camp ministry, church planting and developing among the Ticuna, airplane outreach to unreached
tribal groups and, latterly, organizing the translation of Scripture into the languages of unreached tribal groups in cooperation with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Now they are stepping back from ministry on the Amazon to spend several years stateside. Their four children were adopted in Brazil and the two oldest are reaching college age. Michael and Katrina want, with our prayer support, to concentrate on this phase of their parenting responsibilities. Ask God to keep them trusting in his guidance and to find new avenues of service during their ‘missionary associate’ period.


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Summer is in full swing, Steve writes, and the extreme heat here means adjusting summer schedules to match the cultural practices. Anything done outside usually happens before 10:00 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m. Steve continues to teach through the Gospel of John with Myla and Anthony on Friday evenings in Browns’ home. In return, he and Mea are learning to make traditional Native American bread. Sunday, they were invited to a traditional native Father’s Day celebration in the village of San Quaguine. Pray that the presentation of the gospel at this event will bear fruit in prepared hearts accepting Christ. Church on the reservation is still going strong in spite of the heat. About forty children attend regularly with a sprinkling of adults. Once the meeting room fills up, the heat is intense and Mea has had bouts of heat exhaustion, though she recovers quickly. Pray for Greg and Vanessa Narcho. Greg is depressed because his arraignment and sentencing on a gun charge has been delayed again. Chad Taylor, a good friend, is in hospital with severe heat exhaustion. Ask God to help Browns adjust to the extreme heat so their ministry is not hindered.
Bethesda Outreach Ministries is celebrating what God is doing at the orphan village in a series of open houses at supporting churches in the U.S. This Friday, June 23, the Bethesda team will be at West Bridge, Danville, at 6:30 p.m. Featured at the Open House will be Johanna Ngwenya, one of the first children to grow up in a Bethesda home and now a teacher at Jabulani Academy, the Christian school at the village. Director Don Whipple and staff members will be sharing God’s faithfulness and provision in the orphan ministry in the years it’s been open. Come for fun and information, ready to ask questions and find out how to pray most effectively.
May at Twin Lakes was busy, writes Director Jon Beight. In addition to preparations for the summer camping season, the staff was serving schools and churches at retreats and outdoor activities almost every day in the month. The Board met to work through some strategic planning, “helping to set vision for the direction of the camp between now and 2025”. Another highlight from the month was an approach from an area high school to host Baccalaureate services for graduating classes. Jon stressed the fact that he would preach the gospel and challenge students and parents from God’s Word at these services and the school counselor responded, “That’s exactly what I was expecting.” Pray Jon’s gospel presentation will take root in hearers’ hearts. Counselors arrived at the end of May ready to take up their ministries and blessing the staff with testimonies of how God is working in their lives and how they trust God to use them this summer.




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