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Doug writes, “Training is not only continuing in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania on its own, it is growing well past where (we) left it a year ago, including many new venues in villages and remote locations that residents are calling “satellite venues” for their schools.” South Sudan, troubled by continuing civil war, has reorganized and restarted with Doug’s encouraging visits in 2017. One site in South Sudan taught modules completely on its own without communication or assistance because of battles raging on the outskirts of its city. This site is planning its first graduation this month. Doug has been in regular contact with and coaching its leaders, but cannot attend the graduation due to instability of the political situation in that area. Pray the Holy Spirit continues His work of grace and leadership in these African men as they teach the Word to spiritually hungry pastors.
Mea reminded us by phone recently that their goal was to use their skills to serve God in outreach and Steve is doing just that in the landscaping business he’s developed both to meet people and to give natives work opportunities. Draven is one such native who’s been clean and sober for a full year but has trouble finding work because of his past history. Steve has created a job for him in the landscaping business. Steve has almost more work than he can cope with right now while other landscapers are finding business slow because, Mea says, people have come to trust Steve’s integrity. He’ll be taking a state-mandated landscaping license test on June 1. “We have been trusting God to keep our feet on the path where He wants us to walk. He has and He has given us favor.” Steve talks to people about his Savior as he works and as he trains new help. This business has proven the best avenue of outreach they’ve had since their move to the San Xavier area. Pray the people Browns speak to and work for will trust Christ and be willing to be gathered into a group where they can be discipled and trained.
Continue to pray for the division planned by ABWE of the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico region which Gary presently supervises as Regional Director. The mission is looking for the right man to take on the Central America and Mexico fields while Gary and Marty develop the Caribbean, opening more islands to ministry. They are trusting the division of the region can be complete by January, 2019. Gary says he and Marty have become burdened by the hundreds of thousands of Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim immigrants who have poured into the Caribbean in recent years. They see these people as an incredible opportunity to reach the “least reached” for Christ in the Caribbean. They will have to recruit and train missionaries to preach the gospel and plant churches “among these precious people”. Pray for the huge task ahead of them.


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Church planting for Billingtons is all about building relationships. They and their ABWE colleagues have built Credo Baptist into a solid congregation pastored by a local Quebecois with strong outreach programs. Mark and Jill host a Small Group in their home of people who have a strong commitment to each other and lovingly care for needs in the group. Mark and Jill continue to reach out to neighbors (not common in Quebec), and make contacts by teaching community center English classes. They are also building a church-plant team to develop Credo II. This team meets every three weeks to get to know each other better, discuss Total Church, pray, and plan for the new church they hope to birth in God’s time. Pray they’ll be sensitive to God’s leading, sensitive to the needs of neighbors and others they meet, and anticipating what God will do for Credo II.
Steve and Mea have begun work on the San Xavier side of the Tohono O’Odham Reservation near Tucson. They have plunged into their new community around the town of Tubac where they now live, joining arts and crafts and historical societies and sharing their Christian beliefs with everyone they meet. They say they’re being called “the Christian couple”. They find a more diversified population on this side of the reservation (than in Sells) though the same problems with drugs and alcohol. There are many Hispanic-speaking people who drive in an out from Mexico everyday to their jobs and people from all over the US and foreign countries who are there for the climate. They find those of lower economic status easier to talk to, more willing to listen as Browns share their testimony. They are trying to get a Bible study going with neighbors in Tubac and return to Sells on Friday nights for church services in the area around the jail. Pray that God will lead them to the people whose hearts He has prepared to hear the gospel. Ask God to give them the opportunity to build up a Bible study group that could be developed into a church.
Jared and Alyssa and children have returned to their field in the Middle East after a short furlough to get treatment for a medical issue. They are returning to a group of believers they are hoping to build into a congregation. They must be creative about meeting people and establishing a solid reason for their presence in this Islamic nation. Keeping their visas current is a particular problem and they ask us to pray with them about the often arduous process of getting their documents renewed. Pray also that God will lead them to those He’s prepared to hear the gospel.


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Steve and Mea have been severely tested this week as their daughter, Logan, underwent surgery. Logan lives with Steve’s uncle and aunt in California where she attends college. She had a minor, outpatient surgery Tuesday which resulted in a dangerous allergic reaction to the anesthetic. Browns were preparing to fly to CA to be with her, but her condition stabilized and Steve’s uncle suggested he and the aunt drive her home to AZ for Thanksgiving. Complicating this health issue, Logan is losing hearing in one ear and can’t fly because of the effects of cabin pressure. Pray with Browns for Logan’s complete recovery, her hearing situation and whether she should take a semester off school to sort out these issues. Pray with Browns as they consider moving to the town of Tubac, much closer to their ‘field of operations’ in the eastern section of the T-O reservation. Also, CJ is enduring a bout of flu.
Every letter from Vissers gives a quick look at their many ministries. The main one is teaching at and administering the Baptist French Pastoral Bible Institute in Lagrange. They are finally reaching the end of renovations to their facility, praise God! Karyn taught a course on Women’s Ministries to women from local churches last week and during the course was able to lead one of the women, uncertain of her salvation, to faith in Jesus. They have been encouraging members of their Luxembourg City church plant to witness to friends, family and neighbors and, “they’re starting to do that, with mixed results, of course”. They’ve scheduled a special Christmas program in December and are asking God for a good attendance of those who need to hear the gospel. They’ll also be distributing a Daily Bread-type calendar and pray for responses from recipients. Thank God for Vissers’ faithfulness in all the ministries they undertake. Ask God to bless their efforts.
Harry adds more information to the paragraph two weeks ago. He says Memorial Christian Hospital patient load is now one-in-three Rohingya from Myanmar. A temporary facility has been set up next to the main facility to add more beds. Short-term staff are coming and going, organized by Samaritan’s Purse, all needing to be housed, fed and oriented. The MCH team, responding to these brutalized refugees say, “We’ve prayed for this people group for years…no way, no truth, no life among them, and we couldn’t get permissions to enter their refugee camps. We’ve tried mobile clinics and a non-formal education center on the outskirts. We’ve prayed. We’ve watched.” “And now,” says Harry, “they are coming to us, camped on our compound in desperate need.” Pray the hospital staff and local Christians can make the most of this opportunity for God’s glory.



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Faths will be spending this weekend with their ABWE teammates in Hungary at their annual team retreat.
These retreats are for spiritual fellowship and encouragement as well as ministry business and planning.
They’ll be with the Romania team in November for the same purpose and they met with their missionaries in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Kosovo in August. Kelly is gearing up for the sixth CEEMed Missions Roundtable in early November. This is a biennial event which promotes and advances national (local) missions movements. Two years ago, 60 missionaries and local pastors and Christian leaders attended. Pray with Kelly and Sherri as they direct, counsel and encourage missionaries on their Central and East European and Mediterranean fields.
Robert writes, “Now that a strong core group has been developed in the youth ministry at Omega Baptist, our next goal is to begin encouraging the youth to practice faith in action by reaching out…to share the gospel with family, friends and neighbors…The youth ministry at New Life Baptist has set an example of faith in action by regularly visiting hospitals and children’s homes to share the gospel with those who are hurting. They also are involved in regular missions trips throughout the country.” Pray with Cupps that the high school and university young people they evangelize, disciple and train will grow into responsible church members, leaders and church planters for Peru.
Steve and Mea have launched a new “gospel offensive” on the east side of the TO reservation in the San Xavier area. They have started door-to-door visitation, sharing the gospel and inviting people to Bible study. The people of the San Xavier reservation are a mix of TO and Yaqui natives and Mexicans. The population is three to four times the size of the population in the Sells area and the people are more aware of the outside world, more open to contact with whites, and better off financially because they live closer to cities along I-19 where they work. Browns are encouraged by the spiritual growth of their friends Myla and Anthony with whom they study the Bible weekly. Myla and Anthony are looking for a church home in either Casa Grande or Tucson. Mea says they are feeling the need of more teaching and the spiritual fellowship of mature believers. Pray with Browns about their new ministry direction. Ask God to lead them to hearts prepared to hear and accept the gospel. Pray also about Steve and Mea’s thinking of studying Spanish. It would give them greater acceptance among the many Mexican people they meet.




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