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50 Years!

Written by Tyson Herald on . Posted in WBC Blog

Collage3This past weekend West Bridge celebrated 50 years together! On Saturday night we had an event in the auditorium to look back at God’s faithfulness to our church over the past 50 years. (click here for a photo gallery)

Sunday morning we gathered together to worship and continue to thank God for all He’s done. Former Senior Pastor Ron McDugle gave an inspiring message that you can listen to here.

In my opinion, there are two things that make West Bridge special. God’s grace and the faithfulness of His people. For over 50 years people have sacrificially, and consistently played their part in the body of Christ here in Danville.

Paul the apostle often thanked the believers he was writing to in his letters that make up part of the New Testament. He recounts their love and faithfulness and so we want to say thank you to you for the part you’ve played over these past 50 years.

In his letter to the Thessalonians he writes,  “We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Seems like a fitting verse to sum up so many of the people who have served and still serve here at West Bridge!

Faith, hope, and love have carried us for over 50 years and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

building block #10

Written by Jon McDugle on . Posted in WBC Blog

We’re getting closer to the top of our pyramid of success – six more building blocks to go!

Building block #10 is LOYALTY.  

A great team is composed of players who play for one another!  There is a deep commitment to defend, protect, support and sacrifice for the team.

A great leader points to this rare quality – “Many claim to have unfailing love, but a faithful (loyal) person who can find?”  (Proverbs 20.6).  As we look to THE greatest leader of all time – Jesus Christ – this is a defining mark of His life as he lived with a loyal love for His Father and for those He came to serve and save.

Personally the times of my life that I most regret are the times I lacked this quality and “threw someone under the bus” to save my own reputation.  I long to be more like Christ in this area living with a deep loyalty to my Father in heaven and my brothers and sisters on earth!  I’ve added this as a daily prayer – Create in me a deep loyalty for my teammates and help me to be willing to “take the hit” for them.

Have a great day serving HIM!






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