The promise of Spring…

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It was cold a few weeks ago… COLD!! I had to stop and get gas for my car one morning when the outside temperature read -12 degrees. There wasn’t even a bit of wind, but as I stood outside at the pump I felt like I was taking an ice bath. 

There is a beautiful picture in the icy wasteland though. If there’s one thing I appreciate about the dead of winter, it’s the promise of Spring. No matter how cold, no matter how dead, no matter how miserable the outside can be, Spring comes and it brings warmth and life every single year. As surely as the sun rises the Spring will come, and as surely as the Spring will come God remains faithful to His children. Even when we go through the coldest, deadest, darkest wastelands of life, God’s promise remains true. When circumstances hit that challenge our faith and make us wonder how God is working and what He is doing the coming of spring isn’t a question of ‘if’, it’s the question of ‘when’. We might not know when God is going to move or what He is going to do, but I love testimony of David in Psalm 27:13-14 when he says, ‘I remain confident of this; I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.’ 

No matter what season you’re in or what you’re going through in life, may the winter outside remind you that as surely as the sun rises the spring will come, and as surely as the spring will come, God remains faithful to His children!

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