Tyson, Associate Pastor-Student Ministries

About Me

Sweet or Salty?

Beach or mountains?

Introvert or Extrovert? 

Avon, IN

Home, family, pets?
Wife, 3 kids, Cat, and 2 dwarf frogs

Why I work at West Bridge? 
I love being a part of something bigger than myself. I love seeing God change people to be more like Jesus. Daily, I’m reminded that God doesn’t need me here but chooses to use me.


What the West Bridge team says about Tyson:

Seth says: Tyson was my youth pastor when I was in high school and in some sense has been one of my best friends, but I’m still sometimes star-struck by him. He is always willing to sacrifice his time for his students and would truly do anything for them. Even still, he keeps his family as his top priority under God. Tyson is an example in which I would hope to follow someday.

Valerie says: We began attending WBC when Tyson was in high school.   I loved hearing him play his saxophone!  Tyson impressed us even then, and we felt if this church was putting out such impressive teenagers, this was the church where we wanted to raise our three sons!  We were blessed that he later became the youth pastor for all three.  He is definitely a huge blessing and asset to WBC.

Jon says: legend has it if anything good happens at West Bridge Tyson had something to do with it!

Wes says: he has had a tremendous impact on my life both as my youth leader and as a very close friend. We have had so much fun goofing off with Taco Bell trips and other shenanigans but this man means business when it comes to helping students personalize their faith and figure out what Christ means to them in their own lives.

Abby says: Tyson can do most anything. He’s always on the go and is always looking for ways to improve things. He ultimately loves Jesus, and that is his best quality.

Marci says: Tyson does it all – he’s willing to figure out whatever it takes to get something done! His love for Christ is evident and real – no faking it with this guy.





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