It has been an exciting season for our church family as we come down the homestretch of our facility expansion project!  Our passion is to help each person who comes our way experience the joy of a growing relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ!  This project has enabled us to maximize our facility as a ministry tool helping us help people.

We’re calling this journey ‘Love Makes Room’.  As followers of Christ all that we do is a response to what God has done for us, giving us eternal life through Jesus Christ.  It’s His love that compels us to ‘make room’ for those who may not have a church home or a relationship with Him.  

As we move forward with this project, it’s our hope that it will be a positive experience for all.  With that goal in mind we’re doing our best to provide as much helpful information as possible.  If you have questions we’d love to chat with you! Call the office: 745.2266 or email us: .

Thank you for your interest in this project!

There is still time to give..

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