For over 40 years our church has collected a special offering during the Thanksgiving season. Originally, it was used to help the church pay off existing debt. Once the debt was paid off the church decided to use the offering to help bless people locally, nationally, and globally. In past years, we've helped orphans in Africa, helped build churches in Latin America and provide mental health counseling services to local schools.

This year's Thanksgiving Offering recipients will be... 

Often times, needs that the less fortunate have in our community are unable to be met with the food pantry's normal supply drop-offs of food and goods. One need is hygiene items, such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, deodorant, etc.

We will be giving $3,500 towards the assembly of packs of these hygiene items that will be distributed at our local food pantry - Shared Blessings.

The Danville Nutrition Club is a backpack program that collects food every week to send home with kids to help supplement food over the weekend. This program is ran 100% off of donations from our community. The ultimate goal is to eliminate hunger, over the weekend, for all kids in the community.

We are giving $1,500 towards supplying these weekend backpacks.

Hope Healthcare Services (formerly Kingsway Community Care Center) is a non-profit organization that offers low-cost, quality healthcare services to our neighbors without health insurance. 

Hope Healthcare Services patients are those who have no private medical and dental insurance nor government programs (VA, Medicare, Medicaid.) Patients are treated by both paid staff and medical and dental professionals donating their time in volunteer service. Hope has provided these services since 2005.

They are in need of a new microscope and we plan to give $3,000 towards that purchase.

Plant Indy is a partnership of local churches to plant and revitalize healthy churches in central Indiana.

We plan to partner with Plant Indy to help start up and support a local church in Fishers, Indiana. We will have more details as we proceed with this partnership. We hope to give $5,000 towards this endeavor.

In the summer of 2022, our High School students will be traveling to the Dominican Republic for a mission trip. They hope to take about 50 students as well as leaders on this life changing trip. We know the life change that can happen on a trip like this, and we don't want finances to be a reason someone doesn't go. We hope to relieve some of this financial strain.

We will be giving $15,000 towards the cost of the students trip fees.

The OPEN Initiative is an ABWE focus to plant churches in seven unreached areas globally over the next seven years and to ignite Great Commission thinking and implementation among North American and national churches as part of this effort.

The Caribbean has been chosen as one of the seven areas due to the presence of hundreds of thousands of unreached peoples from dominant religions who are separated from the gospel by linguistic, religious, and cultural barriers. Gary and Marty C, West Bridge Church-sent, will be leading this initiative.

The Thanksgiving offering will help provide copies of the Gospel of John in different languages and the development of a training curriculum to support local churches in reaching these growing people-groups with the gift of $3,000.

We are blessed to have such a neat space to worship in on a weekly basis! However, it's been a few years since we've updated so this money would go towards new carpet and paint through the sanctuary and lobby area.

We hope to give $35,000 towards this exciting update!