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Psalm 23 Resources

July 28, 2020 | Lyndsay Steward

I have really enjoyed memorizing Psalm 23 with the kids.  Just a reminder, you can memorize it in any translation you want!  While we memorize Scripture to “let the Word of Christ dwell in us richly” (Colossians 3:16), it’s also fun to have an incentive!  

On August 23rd, the kids will have an opportunity to say as much of Psalm 23 as they can from memory.  For every verse they memorize, they will get to throw a water balloon at the teacher of their choice during our Party at the Playground, here at church, on Sunday, August 30th during the 10:30 kids programming . 

As I personally have soaked in the truth of Psalm 23 this summer, I thought I’d share some resources to help you grow in your own understanding of this passage.  For the last 2 options, you will need a Right Now Media account.  It’s super simple!  Click HERE to get your FREE account!  

Pastor Josh Patterson gives an overview of Psalm 23:1-6.  This is a single sermon, 34 minutes in length.  You can click ‘watch’ to watch the sermon or ‘listen’ to hear just the audio: 

Trusting the Guide : Josh Patterson

Pastor Matt Chandler goes through all 6 verses.  Each session is about 7-13 minutes long: 

Psalm 23 : Matt Chandler

For more in-depth study, check out this 5 part series by Louie Giglio.  Each session is about 40 minutes long: 

Psalm 23 : Louie Giglio

My Grandma Beth will be 100 on August 3rd.  Psalm 23 is so very precious to her.  She can no longer hold her Bible or see well enough to read from it.  But she has God’s Word hidden in her heart so she can tap into these great truths whenever she needs to.  We recite Psalm 23 together (in the King James Version!) every time I visit and it blesses and encourages me as well.  God’s Word is living and active!  Keep practicing together!