Our mission is to help kids become fully devoted followers of Christ.


Milestone Class - Purity & Technology

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West Bridge Kids is an engaging environment where kids ages birth to 4th grade are taught the Word of God at their level.

We strive to make sure that kids are safe and experience the love of God through age-appropriate music, Bible stories, small group time, and caring volunteers. We send home materials weekly for parents to help their kids grow in their faith.


Our nursery classes are led by loving and caring volunteers who take the responsibility of your child’s safety very seriously.  Our Walkers and Toddlers classes use the Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible to learn stories from the Bible each week. They also participate in music and coloring pages to go along with the stories we are learning.


  • Infants (0-walking)
  • Walkers (walking through 18 months)
  • Toddlers (18 months through 3 years)


Nursery care is available during both the 9:00 & 10:30 am services.

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Our Preschool classes go through the Bible from start to finish during the school year.  We focus on Biblical truths through songs, games, crafts, and Bible teaching.


  • Preschool (3-4.5 years) Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible curriculum
  • Pre Kindergarten (4.5-6 years) Jesus StoryBook Bible curriculum


Preschool programming is available during both the 9:00 & 10:30 am services.

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Our Elementary ministry is for kids ages Kindergarten-4th grade.

Here is a brief outline of what to expect:

What about the volunteers taking care of my kids?

  • We keep updated background checks on all volunteers
  • Volunteers receive yearly training in classroom management and security/safety procedures.
  • Most importantly, our volunteers LOVE teaching your kids and showing them the love and joy of following Jesus.

What do kids do?

  • Kids have an opportunity to be in their grade-level classroom where they participate in age-appropriate games, activities, crafts, prayer time and discussion based on the lesson.
  • Kids enjoy a Large Group time where they worship through music, hear a Bible lesson and learn verses.

What do kids learn?

  • Our time together is extremely valuable!  The volunteers focus their time on two things: building relationships with each kid and teaching them Biblical truth.
  • The bible is the center of our teaching and worship time.  
  • We go through the Bible chronologically, looking at how each individual story ties into the BIG story of God’s plan of redemption through His Son Jesus Christ.

We offer Elementary class during both the 9 & 10:30 hours on Sunday mornings.

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Each Milestone consists of two classes happening simultaneously: one for the parents of the designated age group and the other for the child (except for Parent Commitment, there will only be an adult class). Childcare will be provided for any additional children. Resources will also be given to the family during the class as a gift from our kids ministry program. 

    • Parent Commitment (0-5 years)  
      • A class to prepare parents for the commitment to be the primary discipler of their child and dedicate their child to the Lord
    • Family Worship (PreK-2nd) 
      • A class to equip parents with tools to open up the Word of God with their kids and lead them in family worship at home
      • Kids will learn about worship and given an overview of God's story
    • Knowing Jesus (3rd-4th) 
      • This class will equip parents to walk their kids through what it means to be a believer in Jesus Christ and have a personal relationship with Him.
      • Kids will learn skills for personal study of the Bible and prayer.  They will also learn about the ways we celebrate and remember God’s gift of salvation through baptism and communion.

    • Purity & Technology (4th-6th)   
      • Parents will receive guidance on how to navigate conversations with their kids about sex, purity, and safe use of technology
      • Kids will learn about their identity in Christ and a Biblical perspective on purity 



What to know about West Bridge Kids  

Class times: Kids programming is available at the 9:00 & 10:30 hours

Check-in policy: When you check in your child, you will receive two stickers: a name tag and a guardian receipt.  One sticker goes on the back (name tag). The other sticker (guardian receipt) you keep with you and present to the volunteer upon pick up.  This security measure ensures that no child will be picked up without a matching sticker. 

Wellness policy: In order to provide the safest environment, we adhere to the following guidelinesIf your child has experienced any of the following in the last 48 hours, he/she is not allowed to join kids programming: Fever, vomiting, colored nasal drainage, excessive runny nose, sore throat or diarrhea.  If your child experiences any of these symptoms during the morning, you will be asked to take them home. 

If your child is quarantined from school, please keep your child home from church until they are released to go to school again.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Parent Paging System: If you have a child that is under 2 years old, a pager will be provided for you as you check in your child. Pagers are also available upon request for older children. If you are needed and your child does not have a pager, a kids ministry leader will find you during the service or class you are attending. 

1:1 Child help: If your child requires additional help during their class, please contact our kids ministry directors and we would be happy to pair them up with a trained volunteer.  

Contact: For any questions please contact the following staff members:

Infants-Preschool: m

K-4th grade:

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Also, if you want to receive communications via email but don't currently, we probably don't have an email address (or a current one). All you have to do is send an email to one of the leaders listed above and let them know!