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May 15, 2022

5 Marks to Help You Thrive

We're jumping back into our RESET message series through the book of Acts. It's going to be a great text to remind us of our mission as followers of Christ! We're reading through Acts 11 to find 5 marks that help us thrive both in our personal walk with Christ and also as a church body. 

April 17, 2022

Easter Service

Whether you're full of joy or longing for a brighter day soon, know that YOU ARE LOVED & you can celebrate the HOPE that we have because He is risen from the grave!

April 10, 2022

Let's GO!

This week we gain momentum from Acts 14 - seeing how the good news of the gospel built up the early church and fuels us to 'GO', too!

April 3, 2022

From Ordinary to EXTRAordinary

As we continue our series in Acts, we will see how the gospel continues to advance, even to the ends of the earth. And we will learn how God uses ordinary believers to do something extraordinary! 

March 27, 2022

Living On Mission With Resilience

Stephen is an example of a witness in Acts 6-7 that was resilient in the face of adversity, even to the end. May we be faithful to proclaim the good news of Christ in the highs and lows, too!

March 20, 2022

It Will Not Be Stopped!

Are you ready for some 'wind in your sails'? Could you use some encouragement to keep on?! We are in Acts 5, and are reminded of some encouraging truth - that we can be a part of something that WILL NOT BE STOPPED because our God has already overcome the enemy! 

March 13, 2022

Great Fear

This week we'll see how God pours out his grace through HIS CHURCH! We're praying God's grace flows through YOU as you are an important part of His church here @ West Bridge. 

March 6, 2022

The Courage....

Acts 4 shows us examples where the BOLDNESS of Jesus-followers makes a big difference in their community. We'll look for the source of their boldness and see how it is available to us today, too!

February 27, 2022

Witness, Praise & Repent

We usually have lots on our "to-do" lists or things we want to do or change, but what if we had something greater to focus on that would help everything else fall into it's right place?! As we look at Acts 3 on Sunday, we'll be reminded of what (or WHO) is the treasure, the focus, and the reason we can find peace, even when our to-do list is long! 

February 20, 2022

5 Marks of a Thriving Church

When the body of Christ is working together, it is a beautiful thing! This week we look at the rest of Acts 2 to see some defining marks of HIS church working together for HIS glory! We'll also be sharing specific ways we can do this as HIS church here at West Bridge and beyond.

February 13, 2022

Something New

We all love new things. The look of new paint. The smell of a new car. The way new clothes fit. God does something new in Acts 2 that radically changed the world in which we live. As a matter of fact, this new thing He did is the reason our church is here today!

February 6, 2022

What We Do In The Waiting Moments of Life

We're finishing up Acts 1 as we take a look at how to navigate those seasons in life when we're left waiting. It doesn't have to be wasted time if we are obedient to what God calls us to do! 

January 30, 2022

Can I get a witness?

We each have unique passions, yet there's one passion that should unite us as followers of Christ! We're kicking off a series through the book of Acts to help ignite our passion to be HIS church. Week 1 we'll take a look at our gift and our calling as Christ-followers...and what we do from there!

The past several years have revealed a lot of underlying issues in all of our lives. If we're being honest, we have had some unrealistic expectations, some idols in our lives and some pain and hurt that we've buried deep down. If we don't start to deal with those, and allow God's word to transform our thinking, it can be detrimental to the lives we want and should live. There's a saying that goes, "It's ok to not be ok, but it's not ok to stay there." 

Over the next 3 weeks, we'll be taking a short break from the book of Acts. The series is called, "To be honest..." and we're hoping to take an honest look at ourselves and help each other step up to the calling God has on our lives.

May 8, 2022

Called to be: Worry FREE!

Are you feeling at peace? In this 3rd and final message in our "To be honest..." series, we'll address what to do when we're not feeling the peace that God offers. There are plenty of uncertainties that can threaten our peace, so let's search God's Word to rest in His certain provision for us - even in this uncertain world. What a great encouragement for a mom in your life who has much on her plate as we celebrate Mother's Day!

May 1, 2022

I'm Not Feeling the Hope

It's Week 2 in our "To be honest..." message series, and we'll be taking a look at what the Bible says when we're not feeling the HOPE. In light of the cross and what we just celebrated at Easter, how do we live our lives now - full of HOPE? 

April 24, 2022

I Don't Feel Like Forgiving

This week, we' start with the topic of "To be honest...I'm not feeling the love." We'll dig into the example of 1 Kings 1 to see how we can still pursue Christ when we're not feeling the love towards others and what God says of forgiveness.

January 23, 2022

Living a Life of Love

We're bound to deal with relationships where it is hard to love as Christ loves...but there is hope for the Christ-follower! God's perfect love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit. This week we'll look at Romans 12.9-21 and see the glory of His perfect love, dwelling in our hearts to not just love others, but be love in our relationships.

January 16, 2022

Misplaced Reliance

One of the difficult parts of a new year is the illusion that we just need to do more this year. If I just read my bible more, pray harder, attend church more often, be nicer (even though these are all good things) then things will be better. In reality, the only way to make 2022 better is more reliance upon God and His grace. We can't do anything apart from Him. Romans 12 shows us how to do this!

January 9, 2022

Renew Your Mind

We encourage you to pick a word for the year, as well as scripture to go with it, & see how God uses it to grow & change you this year - for His glory! While we reset our focus for the year on our primary calling as followers of Christ - to live a life of WORSHIP - we'll read from Romans 12 and learn to spend our days for HIM!

January 2, 2022

Strength For A New Year

As we ring in 2022, we begin the year looking at a reality of the Kingdom Coming and some good news (as well as a warning) to help us tackle the year ahead - strengthened with His mighty power.

December 26, 2021

What is REAL Hope?

The things of this earth, we have been promised in Revelation 21, will pass away - no more tears, no more pain, living in peace and harmony with each other - it just isn't something we can even fathom and it's hard to have hope in the midst of it all. But when we can focus our minds on real biblical hope - we will see things in a whole new light. We pray this week's message of TRUE HOPE will encourage you to set your mind on things above!

December 19, 2021

A Kingdom of Peace

Is PEACE really possible here on earth?  What does PEACE actually mean? God's kingdom is a kingdom of PEACE. He desires for all who know Him to experience this PEACE. This week's message gives us practical tools to answer these questions and learn how to bring peace to our community as we share it with others.

December 12, 2021

Why JOY Matters

Joy seems to be expected during this holiday season. But it is also something that can be incredibly difficult to have or show. We desire it so much but we lean into the wrong things to get it. This season we hope you find your JOY in Christ, that you rejoice in WHO he is and see that it is an important mark of our King!

December 5, 2021

When We Love One Another

This week we lift our eyes to the King and see a mark in Him that we can start making visible in our own lives. We'll be in 1 John 4.7-12 and are praying that we all will grow in our love for HIM, as well as our love for others.

Our hope is that this message series will help us live with renewed clarity around our identity as followers of Jesus, igniting in us a passion to be HIS church!  Each weekend we'll be unpacking the book of Ephesians.  It helps us answer the question:  WHO ARE WE?  Answering this question will leave us equipped and empowered to do what God created us to do for His glory!

November 28, 2021

A Day in the Life of Jesus

Jesus sets a great example of what to do when life gets hard. We read through Matthew 14 this week in search of practical steps to help us through these difficult situations. There is no better mentor than Jesus himself and we pray it is an encouragement to you, as well!

November 21, 2021

Trouble Is Coming..Lift Up Your Eyes

This Sunday is a special weekend for our church when we stop to think back over God's blessing over our church family and celebrate His goodness to us. We'll be walking through 2 Chronicles 20 to ignite our hearts in worship for our Lord. 

November 14, 2021

Walk the New Walk

If you're ever discouraged when old actions or habits sneak back in to your life, let Ephesians 4.17-32 be an encouragement to you! We're reminded that to 'put off' our old self and 'put on' our new self, it isn't something we have to do in our power, but happens as we are made new in Christ. 

November 7, 2021

Matured & Unified

God has created each one of us uniquely for HIS glory...and there's quite a variety! But even greater than the diversity, is the UNITY we have as the body of Christ. Our RESET message series helps us see the beauty of HIS church working together as we look at Ephesians 4.7-16.

October 31, 2021

Do You Know Your Calling?

What a Sunday to celebrate together! We worshiped together around the truth in Ephesians 4.1-6 - seeing our calling as followers of Christ. We'll answer the question: Are we doing what we've been called to do?

October 24, 2021

How Wide & Long & High & Deep

We'll be focusing on a powerful prayer from Ephesians 3.14-21 and asking the Lord to light a fire within each of us for HIM! While every Sunday is an opportunity to celebrate and worship together, we are especially looking forward to what the Lord will do among us as we gather together this weekend to glorify HIS name.

October 17, 2021

Keep On

Our RESET message series through Ephesians is aimed at giving us a renewed passion to be HIS church, and this week's passage in chapter 3 gives us a great example to follow! Whether you've had a relaxing week of Fall Break or are walking through a tough time, we hope this message will encourage you to KEEP ON as HIS church! By His Power - For His Glory - With His Love

October 10, 2021

Then...BUT Now.

To fully grasp who we are IN CHRIST, it helps to remember where we were before Christ, too. Our RESET message series will help us get a clearer view of our identity from Ephesians 2.11-22 this week, and allow us to see the gift of being HIS church! 

October 3, 2021

Alive Even When We're Dead

Ephesians 2:1-10 might be one of the most foundational texts in all of the New Testament to help us understand our destiny apart from Christ. Paul makes it clear that our sin doesn't just make us bad, it makes us dead. However, in Christ we can be forever alive!

September 26, 2021

Are you SEEING it?

We finish up the first chapter of Ephesians to help us get a better view of our identity in Christ and the HOPE we have in Him! If you could use a RESET to focus your gaze on Christ and live with renewed passion to be His church...this is the message for you!

September 19, 2021

Praise Be!

We dig into the book of Ephesians this week in our quest to 'RESET' our lives - to live with renewed passion to be HIS church! We pray you are reminded of who you are IN CHRIST - and the blessings you have IN HIM! It will be a day to encourage you for the week ahead!

September 12, 2021

It's Time For A Reset

We celebrate the start of our 2021.22 Ministry Year and reveal the new theme and share the vision for the year ahead! It's a great chance to huddle as a church family and be unified around where we believe God is leading us this coming year, and find out ways that YOU can be a part of it!

September 5, 2021

This, Then, is How You Should Pray...

This week was a special service as a church family focused on prayer - focusing our eyes on our Lord and seeking HIM for the ministry year ahead!

September 6, 2020

Day of Prayer 2020

Psalm 107 gives us fuel for our soul to WORSHIP the Lord! "Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love..."

September 1, 2019

Day of Prayer

It doesn't take much to mess with our perspective. And when our perspective is off our fuel to live-out our life mission runs low. Today's message leads us to a powerful truth that will help us maintain a healthy perspective.

May 15, 2022

5 Marks to Help You Thrive

May 8, 2022

Called to be: Worry FREE!

May 1, 2022

I'm Not Feeling the Hope

April 24, 2022

I Don't Feel Like Forgiving

April 17, 2022

Easter Service

April 10, 2022

Let's GO!

April 3, 2022

From Ordinary to EXTRAordinary

March 27, 2022

Living On Mission With Resilience

March 20, 2022

It Will Not Be Stopped!

March 13, 2022

Great Fear

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