What to consider when a leader falls

February 14, 2019 | Tyson Herald

Unfortunately, there aren't too many months that go by in a year where we don't hear that a Christian leader fails in some way. Here are a few things to consider and a reminder that ultimately our leader is...

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One Word

January 9, 2019 | Tyson Herald

Each year we challenge everyone who's a part of West Bridge to prayerfully consider picking one word, based off a verse in the Bible to focus on for the year. This comes from the book My One Word by Mike Ashcraft. http://myoneword.org The...

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November 28, 2018 | Tyson Herald

No one likes to wait. Period. -If a line looks too long at the drive thru we'll go to another place.  -We'll pay more for an item to be shipped to us faster.  -We can instantly share pictures that 20 years ago we'd have to drop at a...

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5 Ways to BLESS your Church Family

October 28, 2018 | Tyson Herald

During our BLESS series Pastor Jon said that being a BLESSing starts at home, then moves to our church family, and lastly to our community at large. There's a lot of people who attend West Bridge so how could you possibly BLESS them? Here's...

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They Forgot the Bread

September 30, 2018 | Tyson Herald

The human mind is fascinating. We can remember our favorite sports stats or other mindless trivia answers, but for some reason I can't tell you what I had for dinner last Tuesday night. Our ability to attain and retain knowledge has moved...

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